The Gecko junkyard is a small area in the rear of Gecko with the mechanic's shops, vehicle garage, general store, and an unfinished reactor complex.


It is a small fenced compound littered with the remains of a pre-war construction site. Before entering is the "Survival/Gear Locker", the Gecko General Store. The brahmin are tended by Lumpy, a human exiled from Vault City due to unaturally high radiation resistance. The machine shop is tended by Skeeter, a ghoul mechanic who is in posession of a fuel cell controller, an object needed for the reactivation of an old Highwayman in the Den. Gordon will tell the Chosen One his plans for Gecko to optimized, while the Renewal Cult are located on the tunnels under the reactor, accessed through the back of the large empty building.



Gecko junkyard appears in Fallout 2.

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