Gary's Galley

Gary's Galley is a restaurant in Rivet City run by Gary Staley, the owner and cook, and his daughter Angela. They serve food.

When Rivet City's marketplace opens in the morning, most shop owners can be found eating here. Other inhabitants eat here as well at varying times. Mirelurk Cakes are a speciality.


Next to Rivet City Supply, the kitchen behind the counter has a refrigirator and shelves for storing various items. The table on the passage is available to take to order food.


  • If you sit on one of the stools in the bar area, Gary will "zone-in" on you and ask you what you'd like to eat. (but only if he is in the Marketplace)
  • Similarly, if you sit a nearby table, Angela will serve you.


Gary's Galley appears in Fallout 3 only.

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