That's what I like. Initiative. But you should not have killed them without my orders. I don't like too much initiative.

Garl Death-Hand is the leader of the Khans in 2161.


Garl is the brutal leader of the Khans by 2161, ruling his band of raiders with an iron hand after killing his father, the former leader. He leads them from an old ranch house in the middle of nowhere. He is descended from the population of Vault 15 and regularly raids Shady Sands for supplies.

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

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  • Join the Khans
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  • Join the Khans: Garl tells the player to kill his female slaves in order to join the Khans.
  • Rescue Tandi from the Raiders: The player can barter with Garl for Tandi's release.
  • Free the Slaves: You have to kill every Khan in the camp including Garl.

Effects of player's actions

Canonically, as established in Fallout 2, Garl is eventually killed by the Vault Dweller along with all other Khans in the Khan camp. Only one (which doesn't appear in Fallout), called Darion, continues the Khans legacy, carrying on in Fallout 2 as the New Khans.

Other interactions

If the Vault Dweller is male and has Luck greater than 8, there is a 50% probability that he will look like Garl's father, the original Death-Hand and original leader of the Khans. Everyone in the camp gets freaked out by the "ghost of Death-Hand" returning since Garl killed his father to gain control of the gang.

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服飾 武器 其他道具
Metal armor Desert Eagle .44 .44 magnum JHP x80

Notable quotes

  • "You think you can come here without challenge? This, the home of your deadliest enemies? We will see you dead. I will personally tear your heart out of your chest and eat it before my proud warriors!"
  • "That's what I like. Initiative. But you should not have killed them without my orders. I don't like too much initiative."
  • "Take your miserable hide and leave. If you ever return, I will not be so gentle."
  • "Yes, indeed you are. I don't tolerate frightened curs that have no backbone. And what we don't tolerate, we destroy. Kill him."
  • "Hmm, you fight better then I expected. I haven't had a good beating since my father slapped me around the room. You deserve the Shady Sands woman. Take her and leave. I wouldn't come back."


Garl appears only in Fallout and is mentioned in Fallout 2.


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