It took him forever to fix a damn radio! A radio! You're stuck with him. I don't want him breaking anything else around here.Metzger

Free Vic from his debt by getting his radio from his house in Klamath and paying Metzger is a quest in Fallout 2.


After learning that Vic is being held as a slave, the player must go to Slaver's Guild to speak to Metzger about Vic. He tells you he needs parts to fix the radio. If you didn't grab the radio from his shack in Klamath, he tells you to go there and get it for him. He needs a specific item, Vic's radio, even though it's possible you may have another one similar in your inventory.

After giving the item to Vic, he'll thank you. Metzger will still demand $1000, so pay him when you have the money. You can always come back later with more friends and wipe them out to recoup the loss. If you're female and have a Charisma of 5 or higher, Metzger will only charge you $500 lf you sleep with him.

After buying Vic, talk to him again about the water flask. He'll point you to Ed the brahmin Dealer in Vault City. Quest complete.

Hard version (alternative)

Simply kill all the guards without further ceremony, and you will receive:

  • 975 XP for killing the guards (13 x 75 XP)
  • 1600 XP for killing Metzger (100 XP + 1500 Bonus XP)
  • 1250 XP for freeing the slaves
  • 200 XP for asking Vic where he got the water flask
  • 25 XP for locking/unlocking a door

  • +5 Karma for killing each guard (13 x 5 Karma = + 65 Karma)
  • +55 Karma for killing Metzger
  • +100 Karma for freeing the slaves
  • +5 Karma for asking Vic where he got the water flask

  • The loot from the guards


  • 500 XP
  • +5 Karma
  • Vic as a companion


  • 4025 XP (up to 4100 XP if you lock/unlock three doors)
  • +225 Karma
  • Vic as a companion


  • A glitch in the game makes it possible to buy Vic out for free. If you have the needed money, click barter, just before you hit the answer that makes you pay the $1000 (or $500), drop all your money, go back and "buy" Vic for free.

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