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關於an overview of eyebot that appear in the Fallout series of games,參見eyebot
Floating eye bot
FoModel Floating eyeFo Render Floating Eye
A floating eye as seen in Fallout and Fallout 2
variantsFloating eye bot
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The floating eye bot is a hovering security bot equipped with a taser.


The floating eyebot is a quick-observation robot commonly found in pre-War military installations. The floating eyebot uses a powerful electric prod to keep intruders in line.[1]



Resembling an eyeball, its upper portion houses the CPU, motivator and the sensors. The extending arm below is equipped with a low power energy prod.

Gameplay attributes编辑

These robots are quick but fragile, and were mostly used as a sentry or for important areas in vital facilities, such as the Sierra Army Depot, or the Glow. Similar robots include the radio-broadcasting eyebot and the hover robot.


Floating eye bot编辑

FoModel Floating eye

Floating eye bots are often used by the military to guard important locations, and as such can be found in many pre-War bunkers. They use highly advanced electric weaponry to eliminate their enemies, but lack somewhat in durability due to their light weight. Template:Stats creature FO1 Template:Stats creature FO1 Template:Stats creature FO1 Template:Stats creature FO1



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