急救辐射, 辐射 2, 辐射战略版 and 辐射钢铁兄弟会的一种技能. 在辐射中, 急救与 医生 被归类到了 医学 技能.

辐射, 辐射 2 and 辐射战略版编辑

First Aid

General healing skill. Used to heal small cuts, abrasions and other minor ills. In game terms, the use of first aid can heal more hit points over time than the rest. Using first aid too much can cause your character strain.

Initial Level: Starting First Aid skill is equal to 30% + (1% x the average of your Perception + Intelligence). Average characters will have a 35% skill.

In Fallout Tactics multiplayer games first aid allows you the ability to get your almost-dead warriors back to full health in one or two turns. This implies that you take one doctor in your squad with more than mediocre healing skills. Moreover, the healing via first-aid-kits is more cost effective than relying on stimpacks. The downside is that you mustn't move your healer and the healee, otherwise the process will be terminated (which means that you've wasted Action Points, which you don't want). Especially useful in conjunction with high hitpoint characters like brutish-hulkish Deathclaws.



In Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel, skills actually work like perks do in the other games.

Each level of this skill increases +20% (up to a maximum +100) to care for all health items.


  • 1 Rank : 2 Points
  • 2 Rank : 4 Points
  • 3 Rank : 8 Points
  • 4 Rank : 16 Points
  • 5 Rank : 32 Points

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