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Find a way to get the orphans off the streets is a quest that was cut from the final version of Fallout 2.


A poor little kid called Bobby will be located in the southwest building of the Den Residential area. Talk to him, and he will begin talking about how miserable his life is, and how his father does not care about him. He will also say that many children in the Den are suffering the same fate, and they need a better place to stay. When you ask who could help them, he will mention Mom. Go talk to her.

She will then say that she feels sorry for the abandoned kids, and that she had actually thought about setting an orphanage in the Den, but failed to do so. When asking her about a place that would be appropriate, she will suggest the squatter building located northwest in Den Residential. Go there and try to deal with the squatters and addicts that live in the place.

At this point, you have three options. Try to convince them to leave the place peacefully, offer a deal that determines that they help the orphans in exchange for food and room; or simply kill them. The two former options are harder, since you need a high Speech level (around 80%); but you gain 750 and 1000XP, respectively. If you choose to kill them, you will gain 500XP.

After you have dealt with the squatters, return to Mom and inform her that the place is clear. The orphans will move to the building, and abandoned children (including the thieving kids) will disappear from the streets.


  • In order for the thieving kids to truly disappear from the Den, you have to visit the orphanage once to check upon the children.
  • When talking to Little Bobby after the orphanage is set, you automatically gain 500XP for finding him a better place to stay.
  • This quest is cut content, the only way to fullfill this quest is by installing the mod "Fallout 2 Killap's Restoration Project".

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