I lost my friend while playing in the Courtyard. His name is Mr. Nixon.Curtis

Find Mr. Nixon is a quest in Fallout 2. It is not a quest listed in the PipBoy, but you do receive quest experience for completing it.

Young Curtis can be found standing south of Cassidy's bar in Vault City's courtyard. He has lost his little Mr. Nixon doll somewhere in the vicinity.

Finding the Doll

Search to the northeast of where Curtis is standing and you should see some stacked wooded boxes next to Cassidy's bar. The doll is hidden between the wall and the crates. Grab it and take it back to the boy.


Now, depending on if you're playing as good or evil, you have two options:

  • Give the doll back to Curtis.
  • Rip the doll into tiny pieces and laugh in his face.

Either way, you get basically the same reward.


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