Find Collar 12: Christine
Find Collar 12
Christine, freed from the Auto-Doc
起始地点Villa Clinic
委托者Father Elijah
奖励200XP, Christine as a companion
Coin Operator (perk)
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Sierra Madre Grand Opening!
Mixed Signals
Find Collar 8: "Dog"
Find Collar 14: Dean Domino
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Gametitle-FNV DM

'FindCollar 12: Christine辐射:新维加斯DLCDead Money中的任务。Find Collar 12: Christine is a quest in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Dead Money.


该任务是Father Elijah在任务Sierra Madre Grand Opening!之后交给你的。他让你去按顺序招募三个伙伴以便洗劫Sierra Madre赌场。 This quest is one of three given to the Courier after completing the quest Sierra Madre Grand Opening!. Speaking from the hologram fountain at the center of the Villa, Father Elijah instructs the player to recruit three companions, including Christine Royce, in order to carry out a heist at the Sierra Madre Casino.

Quick walkthrough编辑

  1. 从泉水处往西走,找到Medical District
  2. 进入Villa Clinic
  3. 用钥匙(在第二层的桌子上)开门进入地下室;
  4. 在地下室的终端机上关闭所有的the Shielded Speakers;
  5. 在失效的Auto-Doc里找到Christine,招募她。
  1. Head west from the hologram fountain and follow your Pip-Boy marker to the Medical District.
  2. Once through the door, make your way to the Villa Clinic and go inside.
  3. Turn off the shielded speaker blocking your way to Christine by using the terminal in the Clinic Basement.
    1. Access to the basement can be gained by picking the lock (Lockpick 75), or by using the key located in a desk on the second floor.
  4. Release Christine from the malfunctioning Auto-Doc, and recruit her to your team.

Detailed walkthrough编辑

进入诊所,上楼或直走穿过主入口,建议当玩家不在该层时,先设置全息影像巡逻。第二层门厅的一个房间里,有台电脑可以设置全息影像参数。设置到第一层,然后到发射器(在第二层主过道中心,看起来像蓝色的Plasmamine),用Repair技能解除,或简单地躲开全息影像就成。当Elijah通知玩家去寻找方法解除Auto-Doc门厅里的扬声器,到地下室,门可以通过lockpickt或钥匙(在第二层桌子上,旁边是Med-X配方)。在地下室,玩家应关闭主电源后返回楼上,下到Auto-Doc门厅,在最后的房间里激活Auto-Doc。它会救出Christine的。如果The Courier没有同伴,Christine会加入队伍。


  • Heading west from the hologram fountain where you speak with Elijah, refer to your Pip-boy local map and make your way to the Medical District. Once you enter, Elijah will warn you about the speakers found in the area. There is one ahead of you, above an archway, which can be safely shot from a distance.
  • There are several ghost people in the area. You can choose to fight them or carefully sneak past.
  • Go through the archways linking each open area. When you approach the archway with a toppled trash can in front of it, your collar will start to beep. Run straight to the closed door visible ahead. If you turn to face the way you came you will see the offending speaker high above the archway you ran through, and you can now safely destroy it.
    • The closed door hides a cloud-filled room. You can explore it now if you have enough health items to avoid death. Dean Domino's Unclean Living companion perk may prove useful here.
  • Continue following your map marker to the Villa clinic main entrance. You can also enter via the upper floor, by making your way through the nearby buildings, but note that this leads you past more speakers and puts you close to a hologram guard in the clinic. Using the main entrance will give you a chance to get your bearings and collect some useful items before proceeding.
  • Entering the clinic (through either door) will prompt a further message from Elijah, warning about the holograms. There is a terminal near each entrance that contains further information and allows you to reprogram the hologram, which is patrolling the upper floor when you enter.
    • To deactivate the hologram you can disable (Repair 25) or destroy its emitter unit. This is located on the upper floor, on the wall halfway along the corridor. It glows bright blue and is easily visible. Use the terminal to set the patrol route to the lower floor, or simply stay out of view Hidden behind the hologram and follow it along the corridor until you reach the emitter. With the hologram gone, the only threat remaining in the clinic is the shielded speaker downstairs.
  • From the main entrance, to your left is one of Dean's secret stashes, and on the reception desk is the stimpak vending machine code. There is a restroom behind the desk with a water source (irradiated). The left doorway leads upstairs.
  • Through the right doorway, a room to your right contains headless corpses, the assassin suit, a cosmic knife and a terminal with information that adds to the History's Sake challenge. The corridor straight ahead leads to the basement (to your left) and the other stairway leading upstairs (to your right). Down the corridor to your left is the shielded speaker which Elijah will advise you to disable.
  • The speaker terminal is down in the clinic basement past a locked door (Lockpick 75). You can find the key in one of the upstairs rooms in a desk (along with the Med-X vending machine code).
    • Also found in one of the upstairs rooms is the Mentats vending machine code, which you may find useful for various dialogue options and skill checks in the Sierra Madre (Mentats add INT +2, PER +2, CHA +1). If you need them to talk to Christine (one check comes before leaving the clinic, needing any one of the following: Science 60, Explosives 60, or Intelligence 5), you can go to the nearest vending machine and then return to the clinic to continue the quest.
  • Once in the basement, access the terminal to shut down the speaker, allowing you to safely reach Christine.
  • Head back upstairs and return to the now deactivated speaker. Turn left and enter the end room, which contains a malfunctioning auto-doc. Activating this machine will release Christine, and after a short conversation in which you explain the situation, she will agree to join you. You can have her accompany you (if you have no other companion with you), or send her to wait at the fountain. Once this conversation ends the quest will be complete.

Journal Entries编辑

1 Search for Christine in the clinic in the Medical District.
2 Get into the clinic basement and turn off the power to the shielded speakers in the Auto-Doc wing.
3 Find Christine in the Auto-Doc wing of the clinic.
4Icon checkRecruit Christine


  • Once this quest is completed, several ghost people will appear in the Medical District outside the clinic. Christine does not have any weapons when released from the auto-doc, so if she is your companion you may want to arm her before leaving the clinic.
  • The three quests (this one, Find Collar 8: "Dog" and Find Collar 14: Dean Domino) can be completed in any order.


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