This page is dedicated to bugs found in Fallout, because this is an older game, reporting and verifying bugs should be done with some skepticism.

Game crashes编辑

  • The game may suddenly crash without reason.

Quest Bugs编辑

  • During the quest to fix the Necropolis water pump, the pump may fail to be repaired regardless of skill or whether or not junk is in the inventory.
  • During the quest to kill Razor, it may be impossible to get the requisite holodisk to prove the Blades are innocent.
  • The quest to rescue the Initiate from the Hub may not activate.
  • Killing Gizmo may make Junktown hate you, regardless of whether or not having activated the requisite quest.
  • Some quests do not activate, regardless of how many times they are accepted.
  • Softlock at the end of the game if the player kills The Overseer while having good reputation.

Regular Bugs编辑

  • Caps Lock may become faulty, resulting in random letters being in capitals.
  • Laptop touch pads with zoom functions may cause the game's mouse controls to crash, fixable by shutting down the program and booting it back up.
  • Enemies may become immortal, with humans equipped with leather jackets taking over fifty points of damage and not dying.

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