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Appalachia, the setting of Fallout 76, is divided into 6 distinct regions:


West Virginia map


Unmarked locations are in italic type.

Ash Heap编辑

<section begin="Ash Heap" />

<section end="Ash Heap" />

Cranberry Bog编辑

<section begin="Cranberry Bog" />

<section end="Cranberry Bog" />

The Forest编辑

<section begin="The Forest" />

<section end="The Forest" />

The Mire编辑

<section begin="The Mire" />

<section end="The Mire" />

Savage Divide编辑

<section begin="Savage Divide" />

<section end="Savage Divide" />

Toxic Valley编辑

<section begin="Toxic Valley" />

<section end="Toxic Valley" />

Elsewhere in Appalachia编辑

Mentioned only locations编辑

Wild Appalachia编辑

The following locations were added to the map as part of the Wild Appalachia update:

Nuclear Winter编辑

The following (interior) locations were added as part of the Nuclear Winter update:


The following locations were added, mentioned, or expanded upon as part of the Wastelanders update: <section begin="Wastelanders" />

<section end="Wastelanders" />
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