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General information

Fo4 creatures concept art.jpg

Creatures are animals, humans, and their mutated counterparts encountered in the Commonwealth and surrounding areas.

Legendary creatures

Art of Fo4 super mutant behemoth concept art.jpg

Most creature types have a chance to spawn as a legendary variant, as well as tiered named variants leading up to the legendary creature. A legendary creature will almost always drop a weapon or a piece of armor with unique modifiers (displayed on the Pip Boy with a star). For more information on these modifications, see Legendary effects.

In combat, legendary creatures are very powerful as they are stronger than non-legendary creatures of the same type (see below for specific differences), and they are often among the highest-leveled variants a player is capable of running into at their particular level. For example, a level 30 player seems more likely to encounter a legendary super mutant brute (approx. level 22) than a legendary super mutant (approx. level 10), but the lower-level encounter is still possible.

If a legendary enemy is not killed within a single shot, volley, or VATS session (depending on the weapon in use), once they lose half their health they will "mutate," regaining all health and possibly growing stronger.

Spawn chance table

The normal base chance of a creature spawning as Legendary increases with player level (managed by the LegendaryChanceQuest):

Player Level Normal Legendary Chance %
> 0 0
> 5 10
> 20 12
> 30 15
> 40 18
> 50 20

The chance of a creature spawning as Legendary increases with a harder game difficulty setting. The default difficulty is Normal.

Difficulty Multiplier
Very Easy 0.25
Easy 0.5
Normal 1
Hard 1.25
Very Hard 1.5
Survival 1.5




  • Brahmiluff Nuka-World (add-on)
    • Pack brahmiluff Nuka-World (add-on)
    • Brahmiluff shorthorn Nuka-World (add-on)
    • Brahmiluff longhorn Nuka-World (add-on)
  • Brahmin
    • Pack brahmin
    • Notable:
      • Clarabell
      • Idiot
      • Ol' Girl
      • Spot
  • Dog
    • Attack dog
    • Pack dog Nuka-World (add-on)
    • Notable:
      • Dogmeat
      • Duke Far Harbor (add-on)
      • Junkyard dog
      • Kate
      • Kyle
      • Teddy
  • House cat
    • Pack cat Nuka-World (add-on)
    • Notable:
  • Mutant hound
    • Glowing mutant hound
    • Notable:
      • Gracie Far Harbor (add-on)
  • Rad rabbit Far Harbor (add-on)
  • Rad-rat Nuka-World (add-on)
    • Rad-rat pup Nuka-World (add-on)
      • Mangy rad-rat pup Nuka-World (add-on)
      • Rad-rat Nuka-World (add-on)
      • Infected rad-rat pup Nuka-World (add-on)
    • Mangy rad-rat Nuka-World (add-on)
    • Infected rad-rat Nuka-World (add-on)
    • Plagued rad-rat Nuka-World (add-on)
  • Sea creature
  • Squirrel
  • Whale Far Harbor (add-on)
  • Wolf Far Harbor (add-on)
    • Vicious wolf Far Harbor (add-on)
    • Feral wolf Far Harbor (add-on)
    • Grey wolf Far Harbor (add-on)
    • Albino wolf Far Harbor (add-on)
    • Mutant wolf Far Harbor (add-on)
    • Rabid wolf Far Harbor (add-on)
    • Glowing wolf Far Harbor (add-on)
    • Notable:
      • Mishka Far Harbor (add-on)


  • Gatorclaw Nuka-World (add-on)
    • Albino gatorclaw Nuka-World (add-on)


  • Ant Nuka-World (add-on)
    • Small forager ant Nuka-World (add-on)
      • Small soldier ant Nuka-World (add-on)
      • Small glowing ant Nuka-World (add-on)
    • Forager ant Nuka-World (add-on)
    • Soldier ant Nuka-World (add-on)
    • Glowing ant Nuka-World (add-on)
    • Overgrown forager ant Nuka-World (add-on)
      • Overgrown soldier ant Nuka-World (add-on)
      • Overgrown glowing ant Nuka-World (add-on)
    • Flying ant swarm Nuka-World (add-on)
      • Flying soldier ant swarm Nuka-World (add-on)
      • Flying glowing ant swarm Nuka-World (add-on)
  • Barnacle
  • Cave cricket Nuka-World (add-on)
    • Cave cricket hunter Nuka-World (add-on)
    • Cave cricket piercer Nuka-World (add-on)
    • Glowing cave cricket Nuka-World (add-on)
    • Cut content Cave cricket black
  • Fly
  • Fog crawler Far Harbor (add-on)
    • Ghostly fog crawler Far Harbor (add-on)
    • Glowing fog crawler Far Harbor (add-on)
    • Skulking fog crawler Far Harbor (add-on)
    • Pale fog crawler Far Harbor (add-on)
    • Enraged fog crawler Far Harbor (add-on)
    • Diseased fog crawler Far Harbor (add-on)
    • Notable:
      • Shipbreaker Far Harbor (add-on)
  • Hermit crab Far Harbor (add-on)
    • Hermit crab hatchling Far Harbor (add-on)
    • Giant hermit crab Far Harbor (add-on)
    • Alpha hermit crab Far Harbor (add-on)
    • Glowing hermit crab Far Harbor (add-on)
    • Savage hermit crab Far Harbor (add-on)
    • Albino hermit crab Far Harbor (add-on)
  • Mirelurk
    • Mirelurk hatchling
    • Mirelurk spawn
      • Nukalurk spawn Nuka-World (add-on)
    • Softshell mirelurk
    • Mirelurk razorclaw
    • Mirelurk killclaw
    • Glowing mirelurk
    • Nukalurk Nuka-World (add-on)
    • Bloodrage mirelurk Far Harbor (add-on)
    • Mirelurk queen
      • Nukalurk queen Nuka-World (add-on)
    • Mirelurk hunter
      • Glowing mirelurk hunter
      • Albino mirelurk hunter
      • Nukalurk hunter Nuka-World (add-on)
    • Mirelurk king
      • Mirelurk deep king
      • Glowing mirelurk king
      • Nukalurk king Nuka-World (add-on)
    • Notable:
      • Red Death Far Harbor (add-on)


  • Bloodworm Nuka-World (add-on)
    • Bloodworm larva Nuka-World (add-on)
      • Venomous bloodworm larva Nuka-World (add-on)
      • Glowing bloodworm larva Nuka-World (add-on)
    • Venomous bloodworm Nuka-World (add-on)
    • Bloodworm queen Nuka-World (add-on)
    • Glowing bloodworm Nuka-World (add-on)




  • Fish
  • Angler Far Harbor (add-on)
    • Lantern angler Far Harbor (add-on)
    • Glowing angler Far Harbor (add-on)
    • Albino angler Far Harbor (add-on)
    • Venomous angler Far Harbor (add-on)


  • Gulper Far Harbor (add-on)
    • Gulper newt Far Harbor (add-on)
    • Young gulper Far Harbor (add-on)
    • Glowing gulper Far Harbor (add-on)
    • Gulper devourer Far Harbor (add-on)