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遊戲本傳有13位同伴; 另外還有四位來自資料片 AutomatronFar HarborNuka-World

長相 名稱 位置 招募條件 基本屬性 生命值 個人任務 特技 Romance
Fo4 Cait.jpg 凱特 Combat Zone Ask her to join after clearing the Combat Zone
5 力量, 10 感知, 7 耐力, 7 魅力, 7 智力, 10 敏捷, 7 运气
185 + ([Player Level - 10] x 5) Benign Intervention Trigger Rush Yes
Codsworth E3 PostWar.png 嘎抓 Sanctuary Hills Ask him to join after visiting Concord in the quest Out of Time
9 力量, 10 感知, 7 耐力, 7 魅力, 16 智力, 10 敏捷, 7 运气
195 + ([Player Level - 10] x 5) Robot Sympathy No
Curie.jpg 居禮 Vault 81 Complete the quest Hole in the Wall
5 力量, 4 感知, 4 耐力, 4 魅力, 4 智力, 4 敏捷, 4 运气
4 力量, 4 感知, 4 耐力, 4 魅力, 11 智力, 4 敏捷, 4 运气
(Miss Nanny)
440 (Miss Nanny)
670 (Synth)
Emergent Behavior Combat Medic Yes
Danse.jpg 聖騎士丹斯 Cambridge police station
The Prydwen (after Shadow of Steel)
Upon receiving the quest Tour of Duty
5 力量, 10 感知, 8 耐力, 8 魅力, 8 智力, 10 敏捷, 7 运气
185 + ([Player Level - 10] x 5) Blind Betrayal Know Your Enemy Yes
Fallout-4-deacon.jpg 迪耿 Railroad HQ Complete Tradecraft and join The Railroad
5 力量, 10 感知, 7 耐力, 9 魅力, 8 智力, 10 敏捷, 8 运气
185 + ([Player Level - 10] x 5) Cloak & Dagger No
Fo4 Dogmeat E3 Outtro.png 狗肉 Red Rocket truck stop Ask him to join
4 力量, 14 感知, 4 耐力, 4 魅力, 8 智力, 14 敏捷, 4 运气
150 + ([Player Level - 1] x 5) Attack Dog No
Fo4 John Hancock.jpg 約翰·漢考克 Old State House in Goodneighbor Ask him to join after completing The Big Dig (if sided with Bobbi No-Nose, after completing Recruiting Hancock)
5 力量, 10 感知, 8 耐力, 9 魅力, 14 智力, 10 敏捷, 8 运气
185 + ([Player Level - 10] x 5) Isodoped Yes
Fo4 Companion MacCready.jpg Robert Joseph MacCready The Third Rail in Goodneighbor Hire him for 250 caps or 200 (Easy speech check)
5 力量, 10 感知, 4 耐力, 6 魅力, 7 智力, 5 敏捷, 5 运气
185 + ([Player Level - 10] x 5) Long Road Ahead Killshot Yes
Nick Valentine.jpg 尼克·瓦倫坦 Vault 114
Diamond City after Unlikely Valentine
Complete Getting a Clue
5 力量, 7 感知, 8 耐力, 8 魅力, 16 智力, 10 敏捷, 8 运气
225 + ([Player Level - 10] x 5) Long Time Coming Close to Metal No
Piper Wright at DC.jpg 派普·萊特 Diamond City Complete Story of the Century
5 力量, 10 感知, 7 耐力, 10 魅力, 8 智力, 10 敏捷, 8 运气
185 + ([Player Level - 10] x 5) Gift of Gab Yes
Preston Garvey.jpg 普雷斯頓·加維 Museum of Freedom
Sanctuary Hills (after When Freedom Calls
Complete The First Step
5 力量, 10 感知, 7 耐力, 9 魅力, 8 智力, 10 敏捷, 8 运气
185 + ([Player Level - 10] x 5) United We Stand Yes
Strong.png 壯壯 Trinity Tower Ask him to join after Curtain Call
24 力量, 12 感知, 8 耐力, 1 魅力, 6 智力, 18 敏捷, 1 运气
245 + ([Player Level - 10] x 5) Berserk No
X6-88.jpg X6-88 The Institute Join the Institute and complete Mankind - Redefined
16 力量, 18 感知, 17 耐力, 8 魅力, 10 智力, 18 敏捷, 8 运气
185 + ([Player Level - 10] x 5) Shield Harmonics No
Fallout 4 Automatron pre-release 7.png 亞達
Automatron (add-on)
Variable Save her after an attack on her caravan
9 力量, 5 感知, 1 耐力, 1 魅力, 7 智力, 10 敏捷, 1 运气
Variable Automatron quest line None No
Automatron-CompanionImage-Fallout4.jpg Automatron
Automatron (add-on)
N/A Must be built at a Robot workbench
9 力量, 5 感知, 0 耐力, 0 魅力, 0 智力, 10 敏捷, 0 运气
Variable None None No
Old Longfellow.jpg Old Longfellow
The Last Plank Complete Walk in the Park
5 力量, 7 感知, 7 耐力, 7 魅力, 7 智力, 10 敏捷, 7 运气
Shipbreaker Hunter's Wisdom No
FO4NW Porter Gage.png Porter Gage
Fizztop Grille Complete An Ambitious Plan 7 ST, 9 PE, 7 EN, 3 CH, 6 IN, 8 AG, 7 LK Lessons in Blood Yes



Name Race Quest Location
Honest Dan Human Human Error Covenant
High Rise Human Boston After Dark Church close to Bunker Hill
H2-22 Synth Boston After Dark Church close to Bunker Hill
Travis Miles Human Confidence Man Diamond City
Jack Cabot Human The Secret of Cabot House Cabot House, Parsons State Insane Asylum
Mel Human The Big Dig Goodneighbor
Bobbi No-Nose Ghoul The Big Dig Goodneighbor
Sonya Eyebot The Big Dig Goodneighbor
Glory Synth Memory Interrupted Malden Center
Rex Goodman Human Curtain Call Trinity Tower
Brotherhood squire Human Leading by Example The Prydwen, Boston Airport
Brotherhood scribe Human Learning Curve The Prydwen, Boston Airport
Allie Filmore Human Mass Fusion The Institute
X4-18 Synth The Battle of Bunker Hill Bunker Hill
Arthur Maxson Human The Nuclear Option The Prydwen
Paladin Brandis Human The Nuclear Option The Prydwen
Knight Lucia Human The Nuclear Option The Prydwen
Proctor Ingram Human Spoils of War The Prydwen
Billy Peabody Ghoul Kid in a Fridge Peabody house
Pearl Far Harbor (add-on) Miss Nanny Brain Dead Cliff's Edge Hotel
Cito Nuka-World (add-on) Human Safari Adventure Safari Adventure


主页面: Affinity

Companion affinity is gained and lost with two varying degrees for both. Here is how the table below represents those changes: Template:Legend

Table of companion affinities
General behavior & interactions with other characters
Action Cait Codsworth Curie Danse Deacon Hancock MacCready Nick Valentine Piper Preston Strong X6‑88
Generous No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Mean Yes Yes No Yes Yes对坏人


No Yes No Yes No
Nice Yes Yes Yes
No 对尸鬼
Yes No Yes Yes No
Peaceful No Yes No Yes Yes No No No Yes Yes Yes
Selfish Yes No No No Yes No No No Yes
Violent Yes No Yes No Yes No No No Yes
Sarcasm Yes Yes
Flirt with someone else NoNo if romanced NoNo if romanced NoNo if romanced NoNo if romanced NoNo if romanced NoNo if romanced
Give Drugs Yes before personal quest
No after personal quest
No Yes No No
Give Item Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Murder non-hostile NoNo NoNo NoNo NoNo hostile NoNo NoNo NoNo NoNo NoNo YesYes NoNo
Speech Success Yes Yes No Yes
Say good things about synths Yes No
Say neutral things about synths No
Say bad things about synths No after Blind Betrayal
Miscellaneous activities
Action Cait Codsworth Curie Danse Deacon Hancock MacCready Nick Valentine Piper Preston Strong X6-88
吃药过度 Yes before personal quest
No after personal quest
No No No No Yes No No No
吃药 Yes before personal quest
No after personal quest
No No No Yes No
吃尸体 No No No No No No Yes
破解电脑 Yes Yes Yes
Heal Dogmeat Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No
Modify Armor YesYes YesYes Yes
Modify Weapon YesYes Yes Yes Yes
Being naked Yes Yes No
Pick Lock (Owned) Yes No No No Yes Yes No No No No
Pick Lock (Unowned) Yes Yes Yes No
Pickpocketing Yes NoNo No No Yes No No NoNo No (unmarked)
Theft No No No No Yes No No No No (unmarked)
Use power armor Yes No Yes
Use Vertibird Yes No No
Reaction to faction quests
Action Cait Codsworth Curie Danse Deacon Hancock MacCready Nick Valentine Piper Preston Strong X6-88
Help Brotherhood No Yes Yes No No No No
Help Minutemen No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Help Railroad No No Yes
Help Institute No No NoNo No No No No No No No Yes
Help Settler/accept Minutemen quest No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes YesYes Yes No
Kill Settler/Railroad member Hostile
Reaction to general quests
Action Cait Codsworth Curie Danse Deacon Hancock MacCready Nick Valentine Piper Preston Strong X6-88
Save Kent Connolly Yes Yes YesYes
Saying you'd kill Kellogg again, after Dangerous Minds Yes No Yes No No
Give the egg to the Deathclaw during The Devil's Due No No NoNo No No Yes Yes No No
Enter Covenant Yes No No No Yes No No Yes
Side with Covenant Yes Yes Yes NoNo
Side against Covenant No Yes No YesYes YesYes Yes
Accept Pickman's Gift Yes No No NoNo No No No Yes
Give Vault-Tec rep a home No YesYes No No Yes Yes Yes
Give the Vault 81 cure to Austin during Hole in the Wall No YesYes Yes Yes YesYes YesYes No YesYes YesYes Yes Yes ?
Keep the Vault 81 cure to yourself Yes ? No No No No Yes No No No ? ?
Give Sturges the datatape at the end of Inside Job ? ? NoNo No ? ? ? Yes Yes ? NoNo
Complete the research project in Cambridge Polymer Labs ? YesYes Yes ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Complete Last Voyage of the U.S.S. Constitution No Yes Yes ? YesYes No ? Yes ? ? ?
Join the Children of Atom during Best Left Forgotten No No No ? No ? ? No ? ?
Destroy The Nucleus YesYes ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Agree to take Billy home in Kid in a Fridge No YesYes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes YesYes YesYes YesYes No
Kill the accused settler in Suspected Synth without knowing who the synth is Yes No No No Yes Yes No No No YesYes YesYes


  • Unlike Fallout 3, companions are marked as "essential" when acting as active companions, meaning they cannot be killed. If incapacitated, they will automatically heal after combat ends.
    • If one is playing in Survival mode, the companion must be healed when incapacitated, even after combat. If they're not healed within a set period of time, or when the player travels beyond a certain distance, they will leave and return to their last used home base.
    • Some companions lose their essential status when dismissed. They do, however, remain protected like other settlers and cannot be killed by NPC attacks (only by the player or their active companion or related action)
    • Some companions lose their essential status upon reaching the lowest level of affinity and leaving the player character.
  • If the Sole Survivor fires a weapon in a settlement, any companions present in that settlement will often become annoyed and make backbiting comments on how that is best saved for another time. This does not count as a disapproval.
  • If the player character murders an innocent, their affinity with their current companion will drop by 10% and will trigger dialogue with the player character expressing anger and warning them to never do it again. They may also leave the player character instead of speaking to them. They will refuse to speak to the player character at first, but after a few days, the companion will be able to travel again. Should the player character ignore this warning and repeat a murder, companions will permanently leave. This applies to every companion except Strong, as he likes murder. Dogmeat, Ada, and automatrons are neutral about murder.
    • Depending on what kind of innocent murdered, the companion may even become hostile towards the player character. For example, Piper and Nick will turn hostile if a DC guard is killed, while Hancock will turn hostile if a Goodneighbor guard is killed.
  • Companions will give different thoughts and relationship statuses depending on their relationship with the player character. They will also differ in attitude when dismissing them or asking them to join. These comments can be hateful, disdainful, neutral, admirable, generous, and for romantic companions, affectionate.
  • Raising or dropping a companion's affinity to a certain amount will trigger unique dialogue with the player character. Positive affinity will reveal some of the companion's background and how they ended up here. When reaching idolization, the companion will admit to having the player character being their best friend. Negative affinity results in disappointed companions asking the Sole Survivor to change their ways. When reaching hatred, the companion will threaten to leave for good. A moderate persuasion check can convince them to give the player character one more chance. If the persuasion was successful, but the affinity still goes down, the companion will eventually snap and leave for good. This applies to every companion except for Dogmeat, Ada, and an automatron.
  • Companions can be directed and can have more options if they like the Sole Survivor a lot, whether being a human, a synth, a dog or a robot. This is influenced by how the Survivor approaches quests and talks to other people.
  • Humanoid companions can be ordered to use power armor; to do so one needs to "command" the companion to simply enter the armor. Whether the armor is racked or not, they will walk up to it and enter it. One has to be standing a bit away from the armor; if too close, the command option will change to "enter" and if hitting the activate button, the Sole Survivor will mount the power armor instead.
    • To get a companion out of power armor simply talk to them and there will be a dialogue option to ask them to get out of it.
    • When the companion is dismissed they will return to the designated "home" wearing the armor, and will continue to wear it until telling them to exit their power armor suit. Sometimes one may find the dismissed companion in the settlement sent to without their power armor. In that case, look around the settlement for the power armor suit as the companion may have exited it and left it somewhere in the settlement. The larger the settlement, the longer or more difficult the search for the lost armor suit may be.
      • To make a companion not leave the power armor at the settlement, make sure both the power armor and the companion is equipped with a fully charges fusion core. (It might also help assigning them guard duty, so they don't go to sleep)
    • Humanoid companions can wear power armor without needing a fusion core. If removing the fusion core from the suit, they may still enter it and never need a fusion core. It is unclear if this is intended behavior.
  • Humanoid companions can also be equipped with weapons and armor of the choice. To do so, go to the trade dialogue option and place whatever items the player character wants them to use or wear in their inventory. Then, in their inventory, press the button to "equip" the item(s). Weapons equipped must also have an ammunition supply, so they must be provided with the ammo type the weapon requires. Even weapons that use the same ammunition as a companion's default weapon must have ammunition supplied.
    • There are some exceptions to this rule: Paladin Danse cannot wear anything other than headgear as long as he has his power armor, Codsworth can wear certain hats, Nick Valentine will only wear his trenchcoat (although an extra one is given to the player character. This one can be modified and equipped on Nick) or he can wear the High Confessor Tektus' robes from the Far Harbor add-on, Dogmeat can wear dog armor, bandanas and eyewear.
    • Humanoid companions can and will use all types of grenades when equipped with them. While they possess remarkable skill and are fully capable of hitting even moving targets with astounding accuracy, they are completely oblivious of any collateral damage they might inflict on allies caught in the blast radius, the Sole Survivor included. Investing at least one point in the Inspirational perk is therefore recommended before equipping companions with grenades or any explosive weapon for that matter.
  • All companions have a carry capacity of 150, except Strong with 200, and Danse with 210.[1] Note that this is changed substantially in Survival mode, causing many companions to be able to carry little more than their own armor and weapons.
    • It is possible to make companions wear pocketed or deep pocketed armor to increase their carrying capacity by +30 or +60, respectively.
    • Companion carry capacity can be increased by +10 by acquiring Live & Love Issue #3.
    • A trick can be used to push a companion past their carry capacity. Companions can always be commanded to pick up items or loot containers & bodies, even when at or beyond capacity. Note when commanding them to loot containers & bodies they will only grab one item at a time, so one may need to command them repeatedly. Once at or beyond capacity, it will not be possible to give them items any other way.
  • Dogmeat does not count as a companion for the purposes of the Lone Wanderer perk, therefore the Survivor can adventure with him and keep the benefits of the perk.
  • Traveling with a companion bestows the player character with an inherent 5% bonus to all Experience gained. This bonus can be further increased by acquiring Live & Love Issue #8. These bonuses are multiplicative with other experience bonuses such as Intelligence and Gift of Gab.
  • When choosing a location to send a dismissed companion, selecting 'Cancel' will not cancel the dismissal, but will instead send them back to the last location they were sent to when dismissed. If no settlement has ever been selected, the companion will be sent to their original location rather than a settlement.
  • If one accidentally dismisses a companion, just walk up to them again and ask them to re-join. One must also confirm the companion's desire to re-join after asking.
  • Danse, Deacon and X6-88 are the only companions who can be killed by the Sole Survivor if they're not following the Survivor.
  • Perks gained from companions are permanent. This holds true regardless of the status of the companion (e.g. hostile towards the player character, dead, etc.).
  • It is impossible to complete the main story of Fallout 4 and keep all companions (so if one wants to get all companion perks a few must be done before comepleting the main quest).
  • Companions can be tracked down using the Vault-Tec Population Management System introduced in the Vault-Tec Workshop add-on.
  • Some pacifist companions, like Curie and Piper will still have their affinity raised when asking them to wait while fighting enemies alone in that same area. On contrast, aggressive companions, like MacCready, will only have their affinity raised if they are directly in contact with the enemies together with the player character.
  • Most companions complain when picking up junk, however Old Longfellow will praise the player character and even have his affinity raised. Piper will complement the player character's ability to find a use for junk but does not gain any affinity.
  • When the player activates an elevator that takes them into a different location, all companions will seem to disappear for a short period, and then reappear, although it is still possible to locate them with the reticle. An example is the elevator in Secret Vault 81 To Vault 81, where the Curie follows the player to the last quest marker for Hole in the Wall.


  • Has platform::PCIcon pc.png A companion may become stuck in a reference pose position, flying around unanimated about 1-2 feet off the ground following the player character. The companion can be spoken with and interacted with in a normal manner, however the companion will not fight. Even loading a new area by going through a door will not fix this behavior.[已核实]
    • One potential fix is to fast travel to another location.
    • Another fix is to dismiss the companion. The companion can be re-recruited back.
  • Has platform::PCIcon pc.png Certain sound effects can get "stuck" to companions and continue to play after said companion quit performing the respective action. Known examples include the sound of wielding a Ripper, firing a Gauss rifle and using the weapon bench's drill. When the bug occurs it follows the companion around, waxing and waning depending on their distance, and can neither be stopped by fast-traveling, reloading or taking the weapon away from them. It can, however, be fixed by closing and restarting the game. It is currently unknown what exactly causes the bug. [已核实]
    • Should the Ripper sound be playing over and over, having the companion use the weapon again may fix the bug. [已核实]
    • If a companion has the drilling-sound glitch from an armor workbench or weapon workbenches, allowing them to re-use the corresponding workbench from where the glitched sound is and let them end its use by themselves without interruptions, the sound glitch should stop and be fixed.
  • Has platform::Playstation 4Icon ps4.png Ada may remain with you even though you have just selected dismiss in dialogue, as well as the option of settlement won't pop up. [已核实]
    • One solution is to restart the game.
    • Another solution is to acquire a different companion.
  • Has platform::Playstation 4Icon ps4.png When sending a companion to another settlement using the workshop he/ she will not go there straight away, and bringing the settlement choices back up will show the place still as an option to where they can be sent. [已核实]
    • A fix for this is to turn the game off, then reloading the save.
    • Another fix is to fast travel to a different place and sleep in a bed and return.


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