This is the list of known Fallout 3 quests. For a detailed walkthrough, visit each quest's page.

Every quest which appears in your Pip-Boy grants an achievement (on the Xbox 360 and PC) or a trophy (on the PlayStation 3) upon completion. Unmarked quests do not provide achievements/trophies, but can provide karma (good or bad), caps, or other items.


任务名称 地点 委托者 奖励 成就点数 奖杯 任务ID 图标
Baby Steps Vault 101 Dad SPECIALs增加5点 0 - 00014E83
Growing Up Fast Vault 101 Dad Pip-Boy 3000, Grognak the Barbarian, BB Gun, 50 BBs 10 Bronze 00014E84 01 Vault 101 Citizenship Award.png
Future Imperfect Vault 101 Dad 给3个skills各加15点. 10 Bronze 00014E85 02 The G.O.A.T. Whisperer.png


任务名称 地点 委托者 奖励 成就点数 奖杯 任务ID 图标
Escape! Vault 101 Amata Access to the Wasteland 20 Bronze 00014E86 03 Escape!.png
Following in His Footsteps Megaton Colin Moriarty Clue to Dad's location 20 Bronze 00014E87 04 Following in His Footsteps.png
Galaxy News Radio Galaxy News Radio (station)
Museum of Technology
Washington Monument
Three Dog Clue to Dad's location or weapon stash 20 Bronze 00014E88 05 Galaxy News Radio.png
Scientific Pursuits Rivet City Three Dog in Galaxy News Radio
or Doctor Li in Rivet City
Clue to Dad's location 20 Bronze 00014E89 06 Scientific Pursuits.png
Tranquility Lane Vault 112 Robobrain in Vault 112 Reunited with Dad 20 Bronze 00014E8A 07 Tranquility Lane.png
The Waters of Life Jefferson Memorial Dad Access to the Citadel
Power Armor Training
20 Bronze 00014E8B 08 The Waters of Life.png
Picking up the Trail Citadel
Little Lamplight
Elder Lyons The location of all vaults
Access to Vault 87
20 Bronze 00014E8C 09 Picking up the Trail.png
Rescue from Paradise Little Lamplight MacCready Access to Little Lamplight 20 Bronze 00014E8D 10 Rescue from Paradise.png
Finding the Garden of Eden Vault 87
Raven Rock
Scribe Rothchild Access to Raven Rock 20 Bronze 00014E8E 11 Finding the Garden of Eden.png
The American Dream Raven Rock
President Eden Power Armor & Power Helmet or
Recon Armor & Recon Armor Helmet
20 Bronze 00014E8F 12 The American Dream.png
Take it Back! Citadel
Jefferson Memorial
Elder Lyons Control of Project Purity/ End of Game
(unless Broken Steel is downloaded)
40 Silver 00014E91 13 Take it Back!.png

Main quests with names in italics can be skipped through a speech check. This is the only way to skip Galaxy News Radio (other than through unintentional glitches), though Rescue from Paradise can also be skipped through use of Child at Heart to convince MacCready to let the player into Little Lamplight. Both quests can then be completed as a side quest at any time.

All quests up to Tranquility Lane can be skipped by finding and entering Vault 112. Doing so may cause some bugs and glitches.


任务名称 地点 委托者 奖励 成就点数 奖杯 任务ID 图标
Big Trouble in Big Town Big Town Anyone in the town 300 XP and medical Supplies, around 200-500 Caps 20 Bronze 00014E94 14 Big Trouble in Big Town.png
The Superhuman Gambit Canterbury Commons Uncle Roe 200 Caps, 400 Caps, or 600 Caps,
Ant's Sting or Protectron's Gaze
20 Bronze 00014E95 15 The Superhuman Gambit.png
The Wasteland Survival Guide Megaton Moira Brown The Wasteland Survival Guide, Survival Expert, and various smaller rewards for each mission and chapter or Dream Crusher 20 Bronze 00014E96 16 The Wasteland Survival Guide.png
Those! Grayditch Bryan Wilks Ant Might or Ant Sight & Lesko's Lab Coat 20 Bronze 00014E97 17 Those!.png
The Nuka-Cola Challenge Girdershade Sierra Petrovita 1200 Caps, and Schematics - Nuka Grenade, or 2400 Caps 20 Bronze 00014E98 18 The Nuka-Cola Challenge.png
Head of State Temple of the Union Hannibal Hamlin Schematics - Dart Gun, 300-400 XP 20 Bronze 00014E99 19 Head of State.png
The Replicated Man Rivet City Dr. Zimmer 50 Caps or A3-21's Plasma Rifle or Wired Reflexes 20 Bronze 00014E9B 20 The Replicated Man.png
Blood Ties Megaton
Lucy West Schematics - Shishkebab
Hematophage (Optional)
20 Bronze 00014E9C 21 Blood Ties.png
Oasis Oasis Harold Path 1 = Barkskin
Path 2 =Linden's Outcast Power Armor, Poplar's Hood
Path 3 =Missile Launcher, Maple's Garb
20 Bronze 0002A274 22 Oasis.png
The Power of the Atom Megaton
Tenpenny Tower
Lucas Simms
Simms Path: My Megaton House and 100 Caps, 500 Caps, or Good Karma
Burke Path: Tenpenny Tower Suite, 500 or 1000 Caps and Bad Karma
20 Bronze 00014E9E 23 The Power of the Atom.png
Tenpenny Tower Tenpenny Tower Gustavo
Roy Phillips
500 Caps & 10mm SMG or 700 Caps & Chinese Assault Rifle or Ghoul Mask 20 Bronze 00014E9F 24 Tenpenny Tower.png
Strictly Business Paradise Falls Grouse 250 Caps for each of the 4 targets and Bad Karma 20 Bronze 00014EA0 25 Strictly Business.png
You Gotta Shoot 'Em in the Head Underworld Mister Crowley Path 1: 400 Caps
Path 2: T-51b Power Armor
20 Bronze 00014EA1 26 You Gotta Shoot 'Em in the Head.png
Stealing Independence Rivet City Abraham Washington 400 Caps, Schematics - Railway Rifle or Bad Karma 20 Bronze 00014EA2 27 Stealing Independence.png
Trouble on the Homefront Vault 101 Vault 101 Distress Signal Modified Utility Jumpsuit
Banishment from Vault 101
20 Bronze 00014EA3 28 Trouble on the Homefront.png
Agatha's Song Agatha's House Agatha Agatha's Station and Blackhawk. 20 Bronze 00014EA4 29 Agatha's Song.png
Reilly's Rangers Underworld Reilly Ranger Body Armor or Eugene 20 Bronze 00014EA5 30 Reilly's Rangers.png


Aside from the major quests listed above, there are a number of minor ones that are not listed as quests in your Pip-Boy. They don't count as achievements either.

任务名称 地点 委托者 奖励
300 Pieces of Silver Megaton Colin Moriarty Varies, at most 500 Caps.
A Manhandled Manservant Rockopolis Argyle's Corpse Key to Dashwood's Safe
A Nice Day for a Right Wedding Rivet City Angela Staley Good Karma
A Sticky Situation Little Lamplight Sticky Caps
Bittercup Runneth Over Big Town Bittercup Various items
Biwwy's Wazer Wifle Little Lamplight Biwwy Wazer Wifle
Bully the Bully Little Lamplight Princess Bad Karma
Caching in with Three Dog Galaxy News Radio Three Dog Guns and Bullets, Mini Nuke, Stealth Boy, Assault Rifle, Leveled Armor
Cherry's Freedom Dukov's Place Cherry Good Karma
Council Seat Rivet City Bannon Schematics - Deathclaw Gauntlet, shop discount, shop price increase
Economics of Violence Paradise Falls Pronto 20% discount at the Lock and Load and a better shop inventory
Election Day Republic of Dave Dave 25 Caps (possibly Ol' Painless)
Gallows Humor Citadel Paladin Kodiak 1000 Caps
Grady's Package Marigold Station Grady's Corpse Naughty Nightwear
High Plains Drifter Dickerson Tabernacle Chapel Drifter Reservist's Rifle, location of Oasis
Hired Help The Ninth Circle, Underworld Ahzrukhal Charon as your companion
Jiggs' Loot Museum of Technology Prime (via a terminal) 500 Caps, Xuanlong Assault Rifle
John's Treasure Box Random Encounter (key and note?) 3 Books
JP Stash Note Sewer (metro) holodisk Ammo, Grenades, Book
Just for the Taste of It Nuka-Cola Factory Winger Mercier 250/400 Caps, (Ledoux's Hockey Mask)
Keller Family Refuge North of VAPL-58 Power Station A Keller Family Transcript Experimental MIRV, 5 Mini Nukes, Random Loot
Leo's Drug Habit Megaton Doc Church or Mister Burke Good Karma, Med Stash, XP
Light-Fingers Hargrave Rivet City James Hargrave Ammo
Lincoln's Profit Margins Museum of History Abraham Washington, Hannibal Hamlin, Leroy Walker Caps
Merchant Empire Canterbury Commons Uncle Roe Improved inventories and repair abilities for Caravan Merchants, Crow's Eyebot Helmet, Mini Nuke, Stimpaks, Stealth Boys
Our Little Secret Andale Old Man Harris Good Karma, some loot
Overdose Rivet City Paulie Cantelli Bad Karma
Reign of Grelok Hubris Comics Terminal None
Rube's Gold Ribbon Gold Ribbon Grocers Entering the Store Nikola Tesla and You, Tumblers Today, Missiles, Mini-Nuke
Searching for Cheryl L'Enfant South Finding the burial mound Mini Nuke, various loot
Slave Hunt Rivet City Mei Wong Good Karma and/or location of the Temple of the Union
Suicide Watch Rivet City Mister Lopez Good or Bad Karma
The Kid-Kidnapper Paradise Falls Eulogy Jones Boogeyman's Hood
The Lost Initiate Falls Church Paladin Hoss 250 XP, 100 Caps (if asked)
The Preacher Seward Square Approaching the preacher Mini Nukes, Frag Mines
The Runaways Rivet City James Hargrave Good Karma
Ticking Timebomb Big Town Timebomb Lucky 8 Ball, Caps
Treatment Megaton Walter Caps or Good Karma, and XP.
Worst. Doctor. Ever Citadel Sawbones Medical storage health and Chems


一些NPC会无限的收某些物品, 这样的任务一般会以经验, 瓶盖或Karma作奖励.

任务名称 地点 委托者 需求 奖励
Church Donations Megaton, Rivet City Confessor Cromwell, Mother Maya, Father Clifford Caps 1 point of Karma for each cap
Collecting Holotags The Citadel Scribe Jameson Brotherhood Holotag 100 Caps and 25 XP per Holotag
Fungus Deal Little Lamplight Lucy, Eclair Buffout, Strange Meat Cave Fungus
Geomapping with Reilly Ranger Compound Reilly Pip-Boy 3000 locations 30 Caps per location
I Want to Drink Your Blood Meresti Station Vance Blood Pack 15 caps per blood pack
Mississippi Quantum Pie Girdershade Sierra Petrovita Nuka-Cola Quantum, Vodka, Flour Mississippi Quantum Pie
Murphy's Bombing Run Northwest Seneca Station Murphy Sugar Bombs 15 Caps per box, 30 with persuasion; eventually he will sell Ultrajet to you (one per 8 boxes).
Nectar Collecting for Fun and Profit Grayditch Lesko Fire Ant Nectar 40 Caps per sample
Ryan Briggs' Wondermeat Jury St. Station Wonder Meat Maker Mole Rat Meat, Wonderglue Mole Rat Wonder Meat
Strictly Profitable Paradise Falls Grouse Slaves Caps
The Outcast Collection Agent Fort Independence Protector Casdin Power Armor, Scrap Metal, Energy Weapons, Sensor Module 5.56mm Rounds, Frag Grenades, Rad Away, or Stimpaks. Access to Fort Independence
This Old House Underworld Winthrop Scrap Metal Trade 5 pieces of Scrap Metal for a Stimpack, Rad-X, or Rad Away
Walter's Scrap Metal Megaton Walter Scrap Metal 10 Caps or Karma and XP for each piece of Scrap Metal you bring to Walter, available after completing Treatment
Water Beggars Outside Megaton, Rivet City and Tenpenny Tower Micky, Carlos, Willy Purified Water Good Karma
Yearning for Learning Arlington Library Brotherhood of Steel Pre-War Book 100 Caps and 10 XP per Book
Zip's Nuka Fix Little Lamplight Zip Nuka-Cola Various items (usually one 10mm bullet per Nuka-Cola)


Quests which appear in the add-ons.

Operation: Anchorage

任务名称 地点 委托者 奖励 成就点数 奖杯 任务ID 图标
Aiding the Outcasts Bailey's Crossroads Outcast Distress Signal 100 XP 20 Silver xx{{#pad:0009BE|6|0|left}} Aiding the Outcasts.png
The Guns of Anchorage Anchorage Reclamation simulation
(Outcast Outpost)
Sgt. Benjamin Montgomery 100 XP 20 Silver xx{{#pad:0009BF|6|0|left}} The Guns of Anchorage.png
Paving the Way Anchorage Reclamation simulation
(Outcast Outpost)
General Chase 100 XP 20 Silver xx{{#pad:0009C0|6|0|left}} Paving the Way.png
Operation: Anchorage! Anchorage Reclamation simulation
(Outcast Outpost)
General Chase See
Operation: Anchorage (quest)
40 Gold xx{{#pad:0014F6|6|0|left}} Operation Anchorage.png

The Pitt

任务名称 地点 委托者 奖励 成就点数 奖杯 任务ID 图标
Into the Pitt Radio Tower
Train Tunnel
Wernher 100 XP 20 Silver xx{{#pad:00108C|6|0|left}} Into the Pitt.png
Unsafe Working Conditions Steelyard
The Mill
The Hole
Midea 150 XP, Auto Axpert, Pitt Fighter, various weapons and armor 20 Silver xx{{#pad:00108B|6|0|left}} Unsafe Working Conditions.png
Free Labor Haven
Wernher's Hideout
Krenshaw 150 XP, Ashur's Power Armor, Booster Shot, access to the Ammo Press 40 Gold xx{{#pad:00108d|6|0|left}} Free Labor.png


任务名称 地点 委托者 奖励 成就点数 奖杯 任务ID 图标
Mill Worker Steelyard Everett Various weapons and armors 20 Silver no Mill Worker.png
Find Wild Bill Downtown
Milly Wild Bill's Sidearm, Stimpaks - - no -
Toys for Tots Downtown
30 caps for every Teddy Bear - - yes -

Broken Steel

任务名称 地点 委托者 奖励 成就点数 奖杯 任务ID 图标
Death From Above Citadel
Rockland Car Tunnel
Satellite Relay Station
Owyn Lyons 1300 XP 30 Silver xx{{#pad:000802|6|0|left}} Death From Above.png
Shock Value Citadel
Old Olney S. Wilson Building
Olney Powerworks
Paladin Tristan 1400 XP 30 Silver xx{{#pad:000AFD|6|0|left}} Shock Value.png
Who Dares Wins Citadel
Presidential Metro
Adams Air Force Base
Paladin Tristan 1500 XP 30 Gold xx{{#pad:0011AD|6|0|left}} Who Dares Wins.png


任务名称 地点 委托者 奖励 任务ID
Holy Water Jefferson Memorial
Holy Light Monastery
Scribe Bigsley 100 XP, 300 Caps xx{{#pad:004C75|6|0|left}}
Protecting the Water Way Jefferson Memorial
Rivet City
Wilhelm's Wharf
Scribe Bigsley 100 XP, Various weapons and armors. xx{{#pad:003B42|6|0|left}}
The Amazing Aqua Cura Museum of History
Jefferson Memorial
Museum Authority Building
Scribe Bigsley 100 XP xx{{#pad:003B67|6|0|left}}


任务名称 地点 委托者 奖励 是否可重复
Fatal Attraction Presidential Metro
La Maison Beauregard
Sorry, My Darlingholotape All-Nighter Nightwear, Lag-Bolt's Combat Armor, Lag-Bolt's Shades no
Some Assembly Required Citadel Scribe Rothchild 100 Caps, 25 XP per Camera
75 Caps, 10 XP per Sensor Module
Mutant Blood Samples Citadel Paladin Tristan 50 Caps, 10 XP per sample yes

Point Lookout

任务名称 地点 委托者 奖励 成就点数 奖杯 任务ID 图标
The Local Flavor Riverboat Landing
Duchess Gambit
Calvert Mansion
Notification Superior Defender 20 Silver xx{{#pad:005846|6|0|left}} The Local Flavor.png
Walking with Spirits Ark & Dove Cathedral
Sacred Bog Entrance
Desmond 300 XP
Punga Power!
20 Silver xx{{#pad:005847|6|0|left}} Walking with Spirits.png
Hearing Voices Ark & Dove Cathedral
Calvert Mansion
Wrecked Seatub
Desmond - - xx{{#pad:005848|6|0|left}}
Thought Control Calvert Mansion
Desmond - - xx{{#pad:005849|6|0|left}}
A Meeting of the Minds Calvert Mansion
Desmond Microwave Emitter 20 Gold xx{{#pad:00584A|6|0|left}}
A Meeting of the Minds.png


任务名称 地点 委托者 奖励 任务ID
A Spoonful of Whiskey Marguerite's Shack Marguerite 300 Caps
50 XP
6 Moonshine
An Antique Land USS Ozymandias (Point Lookout) Bysshe Energy Partners terminal 50 XP
Expedition supplies
Bio-Gas Canisters
Plik's Safari Coastal Grotto (Point Lookout) Plik 100 XP
The Dismemberer
The Dark Heart of Blackhall Blackhall Manor Obadiah Blackhall 1000 Caps or Good Karma
100 XP
The Velvet Curtain Homestead Motel (Point Lookout) Terminal in room 1D Backwater Rifle
350 XP


任务名称 地点 委托者 奖励 是否可重复
Lost Daughter Ferry Dock
Ark & Dove Cathedral
Catherine 10 Refined Pungas
300 Bottle caps
Lighting the Lighthouse Lighthouse
Truck Wreckage
Holotape Note none no

Mothership Zeta

任务名称 地点 委托者 奖励 成就点数 奖杯 任务ID 图标
Not of This World Holding Cells
Engineering Core
Notification 300 XP 20 Silver xx{{#pad:000802|6|0|left}} Not of This World.png
Among the Stars Engineering Core
Cryo Lab
Cryo Storage
Robot Assembly
Decompression Chamber
Space Walk
Observation Deck
Sally 300 XP 20 Silver xx{{#pad:000803|6|0|left}} Among the Stars.png
This Galaxy Ain't Big Enough... Observation Deck
Weapons Lab
Experimentation Lab
Biological Research
Death Ray Hub
Death Ray Control
Living Quarters
Sally 600 XP
Captain's Sidearm
40 Gold xx{{#pad:000804|6|0|left}} This Galaxy Ain't Big Enough....png