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本页列出所有 skill magazineFallout: New Vegas, the upcoming Fallout game by Obsidian Entertainment.
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General information编辑

Skill magazines temporarily raise the corresponding skill by ten points (twenty with Comprehension), but wear off after a minute (three with Retention). True Police Stories is the only exception to this general rule, raising the "skill" (critical chance) by five points (ten with Comprehension). There are a total of 228 skill magazines placed in permanent locations, plus 59 in the add-ons (Dead Money, Honest Hearts, Lonesome Road, Old World Blues,). Certain merchants sell them, providing a limitless source. Also, the magazine vending machines on the Strip provide you with random magazines the first time you open them. Similar to chems, the effects of skill magazines do not stack; using two copies of Meeting People will only provide the bonus of one copy, wasting the second one.

In Fallout: New Vegas, reading a skill magazine for a combat skill can be used to boost the damage of weapons. With a +10, this translates into an increase of 5% base weapon damage. With a +20, this translates into an increase of 10% base weapon damage. See individual weapon pages for specific information. As an example, +10 Energy Weapons with a Gauss rifle will result in an additional 6 damage per shot. A +20 results in an additional 12.

Because weapons start off doing only 50% base damage (at skill 0), the actual relative % increase is much larger than 5 or 10%. Going from 10 to 30 Energy Weapons in the above Gauss rifle example is actually an 18% increase, for up to 6 minutes, non-addictively.


Name Weight Value Effect Base ID
Boxing Times 0 20 Unarmed +10 (+20 w/ Comprehension) (temporarily) 000ec4b0
Fixin' Things 0 20 Repair +10 (+20 w/ Comprehension)(temporarily) 000ec4ab
Future Weapons Today 0 20 Energy Weapons +10 (+20 w/ Comprehension) (temporarily) 000ec4a6
Lad's Life 0 20 Survival +10 (+20 w/ Comprehension) (temporarily) 000ec4af
¡La Fantoma! 0 20 Sneak +10 (+20 w/ Comprehension) (temporarily) 000ec4ad
Locksmith's Reader 0 20 Lockpick +10 (+20 w/ Comprehension) (temporarily) 000ec4a8
Meeting People 0 20 Speech +10 (+20 w/ Comprehension) (temporarily) 000ec4ae
Milsurp Review 0 20 Guns +10 (+20 w/ Comprehension) (temporarily) 000ec4ac
Patriot's Cookbook 0 20 Explosives +10 (+20 w/ Comprehension) (temporarily) 000ec4a7
Programmer's Digest 0 20 Science +10 (+20 w/ Comprehension) (temporarily) 000ec4b1
Salesman Weekly 0 20 Barter +10 (+20 w/ Comprehension) (temporarily) 000ec4a4
Tæles of Chivalrie 0 20 Melee Weapons +10 (+20 w/ Comprehension) (temporarily) 000ec4aa
Today's Physician 0 20 Medicine +10 (+20 w/Comprehension) (temporarily) 000ec4a9
True Police Stories 0 20 Critical chance +5% (+10% w/ Comprehension) (temporarily) 00135689


Random locations编辑

These magazines can be found in containers such as mailboxes and the 9 red magazine boxes on the Strip. Some of these containers will be replenished over time.

Fixed locations编辑

Note: Clicking on the closest map marker's sort box will sort the magazines by location. Template:Location table

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  • With the perk Voracious Reader you can copy Skill magazines already in your inventory at a workbench.
  • Skill magazines are not stackable, therefore using two magazines will not result in double the skill increase.
  • Logan's Loophole, by a quirk, causes skill magazine duration to double (2 minutes, 6 minutes with Retention).
  • Skill magazines will not take your skills past the normal maximum of 100.
  • True Police Stories, although counted as a skill magazine doesn't actually increase a skill


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