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本页列出所有 robots and computersFallout: New Vegas, the upcoming Fallout game by Obsidian Entertainment.

Computers (AIs)编辑

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  • There are very few robots in the game that are actually aware of the Great War occurring; examples of those who do include the securitrons Muggy, Victor, and Jane.
  • Robots in Fallout: New Vegas are relatively rare to encounter, contrary to previous games' common robot encounters. They are much more common in Old World Blues, however.
  • The Fallout: New Vegas add-ons introduced a whopping 73 kinds of robots or computers to the game. This is largely due to the Big MT add-on. Only it and Lonesome Road add variants to Fallout: New Vegas. The base game contains 50 variants. In total there are 123 variants of robots or computers in Fallout New Vegas, the most introduced of the whole series of Fallout titles.
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