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Similar to Fallout 3, keys in Fallout: New Vegas open specific doors or containers, some of which are inaccessible otherwise. Most keys can be found in the possession of non-player characters and can be pickpocketed while a few can only be retrieved if their owner has been killed.



Base game

A - F

Name (G.E.C.K. ID) Opens Found / in possession of Related quest Base ID
Administration key
  • Administration
Andy's room key
  • Andy's room
  • Andy Scabb and Andy Scabb's thugs
Atomic Wrangler bank key
Atomic Wrangler room key
  • Atomic Wrangler corner room
Debt Collector 00115EB3
Atomic Wrangler upstairs key
Benny's suite key
  • Benny's suite
Ring-a-Ding-Ding! 0010FA88
Big Sals's room key
  • Big Sal's office
Bison Steve maintenance key
  • A shortcut in the Bison Steve Hotel that bypasses a large room with enemies.
  • On a table in a locked room near the entrance of the Bison Steve Hotel.
Blue sector key card
  • Philip Lem Dialogue
  • Almost any table in Blue Sector next to a terminal
  • On various convicts around Vault 19
Why Can't We Be Friends? 001411BB
Bon Vivant suite key
  • Bon Vivant suite
Big Winner, Ultra-Luxe 001673DE
Brotherhood safehouse key
Still in the Dark 0016290B
Cachino's room key
  • Cachino's room
Dialogue Cachino during How Little We Know, given by Gomorrah receptionist How Little We Know 0011C54A
Cell block B key
  • First locked cell on the left inside the cell block
  • Carter
Cerulean Robotics key
  • Tool cabinet in Cerulean Robotics
  • In the hand of a skeleton in front of the TV set in the break room of Cerulean Robotics
Wang Dang Atomic Tango 0013830A
Clanden's room key
  • Clanden's room
  • Clanden
Col. Blackwell's key
Control tower access code
I Put a Spell on You 000FE307
Crimson Caravan safe key
Heartache by the Number 0015D909
Davison's key
Come Fly With Me 00094BD1
Dino Bite storeroom key
  • Door to back room at Dino Bite gift shop
  • Cliff Briscoe
Dino Dee-lite room key
  • Door to Dino Dee-lite motel room in Novac
One for My Baby 001673DF
Door override card
  • Door to Remnants bunker
For Auld Lang Syne 0015B3A9
Fiend prisoner key
  • Daniel
I Love Bananas 000F47AD
Followers safehouse key
  • Followers safehouse
Forlorn Hope cell key
  • Guard stationed in the jail
Medical Mystery 00124043
Forlorn Hope storage key
  • Quartermaster Mayes
Freeside house key
  • Ruined store
G.I. Blues 0017371F

G - M

Name (G.E.C.K. ID) Opens Found / in possession of Related quest Base ID
Gomorrah office key
  • Gomorrah office
How Little We Know 0011C241
Gomorrah utility room key
  • Gomorrah utility room
  • Troike
How Little We Know 0011AB0B
Great Khans supply cache key
  • Great Khan supply cache
  • Oscar Velasco
Climb Ev'ry Mountain 00130D0D
Gun Runner gate key
Harland's key
  • Harland
Head Scribe's Keycard
  • Self-destruct authorization terminal in Hidden Valley bunker with the combination of the two other keycards.
  • Head Scribe Taggart
The House Always Wins, For the Republic, Part 2, Render Unto Caesar, Wild Card: Side Bets 001645E4
Hidden Valley bunker key
  • Hidden Valley bunker
Hidden Valley depot key
  • Door underneath Knight Torres in Hidden Valley bunker
  • Knight Torres
High Roller's suite key
  • The Tops High Roller suite
  • Given by casino table manager after enough winnings
Big Winner, The Tops 00151EE1
Hoover Dam key
You'll Know It When It Happens, Arizona Killer 00164C56
Hoover Dam saferoom key
  • Hoover Dam saferoom
Investigator's room key
  • Mortimer
Beyond the Beef 00120331
Jail key
  • Jail room with ghoul prisoner
  • Nightkin jailer
  • REPCONN test site, in a desk in the room one level above Harland's captive friend
Come Fly With Me 00080592
Jeannie May's safe key
  • Safe in Dino Dee-lite front desk in Novac
One for My Baby 000B83FD
Jenny Millet's security keycard
  • Bypass security robots up to second floor of REPCONN headquarters
  • Utility room on the main floor of REPCONN headquarters
Access Powers 000E7A0F
  • Campfire in the cave
  • On the shelf next to cellar door
Strategic Nuclear Moose 00167E06
  • Next to chemistry set under Big Book of Science
Strategic Nuclear Moose 00167E07
  • Footlocker in a room in the Central sewers
  • On the ground next to a dead prospector in the northern end of the Central sewers
Cajoling a Cudgel 00167E08
  • Under some pre-War money on the bottom shelf of a bookcase in the same home.
Legion safehouse key
  • Caesar's Legion safehouse
  • Cursor Lucullus
Caesar's Favor, Caesar's Hire 00161270
Lucky 38 VIP keycard
Luke's Find
  • Entrance to sealed sewers
  • "Blind" Luke Dead
  • "Sweet" Jill Dead
Cajoling a Cudgel 00147406
Martina's room passcard
  • Martina Groesbeck
The Finger of Suspicion 0011E6B7

N - S

Name (G.E.C.K. ID) Opens Found / in possession of Related quest Base ID
NCR embassy cell key
  • Jail cells in NCR Embassy
  • Marie Pappas's Average locked desk in the NCR Military Police HQ
NCR Military Police HQ storage room key
  • Storage room in NCR Military Police HQ
  • Marie Pappas
NCR MP confiscated goods trunk key
  • Door to the MP confiscated goods trunk in the Camp McCarran terminal building.

The White Wash

NCR safehouse key
  • Door to NCR Ranger safehouse
  • James Hsu
NCRCF visitor's center key
  • Dawes
Nellis generator key
  • Door to lower level of the Nellis array
  • Raquel
Ant Misbehavin' 0015E3FB
Nellis train tunnel key Cut content
Nero's room key
Old Lady Gibson's key
  • Metal box in back of Gibson scrap yard garage.
Pacer's key
Papa Khan's key
Red sector key card
  • Samuel Cooke Dialogue
  • Almost any table in Red Sector next to a terminal
  • On various convicts around Vault 19
Why Can't We Be Friends? 001411BC
REPCONN basement key
Come Fly With Me 000810E8
REPCONN planetarium key
  • Doors to REPCONN headquarters planetarium
  • Tour guide Dead
REPCONN second floor security card
  • Door at REPCONN headquarters 2nd floor
  • REPCONN headquarters 2nd floor, same room as where the 3rd keycard is printed
Still in the Dark 000E7AA8
REPCONN third floor security card
  • Safe passage at REPCONN headquarters 3rd floor
  • Printed from terminal at 2nd floor or Piers Isley's briefcase on the 3rd floor
Still in the Dark 000E7F7C
Saint James' room key
  • Door to Saint James' room in Casa Madrid Apartments
  • Sweetie
The Coyotes 001607BB
Sarah's dresser key
Sarah's room passcard
Searchlight fire station key
  • Logan Dialogue Dead
Searchlight North mine key
  • Hard locked gate in Searchlight North gold mine
  • Dead prospector in Searchlight North gold mine
Searchlight police station key
  • Logan Dialogue Dead
Slave collar key
  • Slave collar
Still in the Dark 00175A56

T - Z

Name (G.E.C.K. ID) Opens Found / in possession of Related quest Base ID
Tabitha's equipment key
Crazy, Crazy, Crazy 0015D0AC
Tabitha's room key
  • Tabitha
  • Buried outside under the stairs of the broadcast building.
Crazy, Crazy, Crazy 000E84A3
Techatticup storage key
  • Gates leading to the NCR prisoners.
  • Alexus Dialogue
Anywhere I Wander 00129164
The King's key
The Tops presidential suite key
  • The Tops presidential suite
Ring-a-Ding-Ding! 00115F06
Thorn's cages key
(VMS38ThornCagesKey) Cut content
  • Thorn's cages
Fight Night 00167E19
Ultra-Luxe freezer key
  • Ultra-Luxe freezer
  • Mortimer
  • Philippe
Beyond the Beef 001199DD
Ultra-Luxe kitchen key
  • Mortimer
Beyond the Beef 0016715D
Ultra-Luxe penthouse key
  • Ultra-Luxe penthouse
  • Mortimer
Van Graff key
  • Door to room in Silver Rush
Vault 3 maintenance key
  • Maintenance room
  • Daniel
Vegas gate key
Weapons footlocker key
  • Legionary main gate guard
Weathers slave key
  • Canyon Runner Dialogue Dead
White Glove Society members key
  • Marjorie
Beyond the Beef 00011A0C
Worn key
  • Gun cabinet on third floor of Bison Steve hotel
  • Escaped convict on the third floor of Bison Steve hotel Dead
Worn key
  • Gun cabinet behind a closed door in east central sewers
Worn key
  • Door to basement of Nipton Hall
  • On the counter in Nipton Hall
Worn key
  • Explosives crate in the water-filled room of Ruby Hill mine
  • Female Jackal in Ruby Hill mine Dead
Zoara Club key
  • Pickpocket from Clanden in Gomorrah or receive from Cachino after selling his journal back to him.

Dead Money

Name (G.E.C.K. ID) Opens Found / in possession of Related quest Base ID
Backstage key
  • Right door (when facing the stage) to backstage area in The Tampico
  • When activating Vera Keyes' partitures in The Tampico
Cashier's key
  • Door to Cashier's Office
  • In the cashier's cage in the casino, inside the filing cabinet
Clinic basement key
  • The Villa clinic's basement
  • In a desk on the 2nd floor, east side. Same room as the terminal with the Vending machine code - "Med-X"
Dean's Safe Key
  • Dean's safe in his dressing room
  • Given in dialogue with Dean
Ennis's key
  • Ennis's locker in Puesta del Sol switching station
  • On a desk just east of Christine's location during the gala event
Entertainer pass key
  • Artist's entrance door in the northeast of The Tampico
  • Dean Domino, given to player after killing Dean backstage at The Tampico.
  • Curtain Call at the Tampico
Foreman's key
  • Door to service route in Puesta del Sol North
  • On a desk upstairs in a room, in the outer west of Puesta del Sol North
Salida del Sol courtyard key
  • Gate to Salida del Sol courtyard
  • Found in the courtyard right next to the skeleton in the east corner
Salida del Sol house key Cut content
Sierra Madre emergency maintenance key
  • Restaurant Manager Desk
  • In the Cantina Madrid, on the desk of the garderobe, on a clipboard
Sierra Madre office key
  • Doors from Sierra Madre's entrance to casino area
  • In the hallway behind the dining room counter on the 2nd floor of the casino. It's in a security guard bag next to a skeleton.
Suites maintenance key
  • Storage room and two other doors in the Executive suites.
  • In the storage room on a table next to the emergency network terminal
Vera's backstage key
  • Vera's dressing room
  • On the table in Dean's room in the Tampico
  • Curtain Call at the Tampico
Vera's key
  • Vera's dresser
  • Christine, in Vera's room in the Executive suites
  • Last Luxuries
Vera's master key
  • South backstage door in the Tampico
  • Balcony door to gain access to the holotape projector
  • Under the Dean Domino's "Saw Her Yesterday" song holotape in Vera's dressing room
  • Curtain Call at the Tampico

Honest Hearts

Name (G.E.C.K. ID) Opens Found / in possession of Related quest Base ID
Fishing Lodge cabinet key
  • Cabinet behind the bar in the fishing lodge
  • Wooden crate inside the bathroom in the fishing lodge
Gone Fishin' xx{{#pad:c981|6|0|left}}
General Store desk key
  • Desk in the back of the general store
  • Cash register in the general store
Tourist Trap xx{{#pad:aafb|6|0|left}}
Morning Glory's cache key
  • Door inside Morning Glory cave
  • Duffle bag on the north side of Morning Glory cave
The Grand Staircase xx{{#pad:ccba|6|0|left}}
White Leg key
  • Cell door at Ranger Substation Osprey
  • Toolbox on the 2nd floor of Ranger Substation Osprey
Prisoners of War xx{{#pad:10eb0|6|0|left}}

Old World Blues

Name (G.E.C.K. ID) Opens Found / in possession of Related quest Base ID
Borous' basement key
  • Borous' basement
  • In Higgs Village in Borous' house (#103), upstairs bedroom, in the birdcage.
X-8 kennel key

Lonesome Road

Name (G.E.C.K. ID) Opens Found / in possession of Related quest Base ID
Base service gate key
  • Gate East of the Hopeville men's barracks
  • Inside a metal box between two barracks behind a green wrecked truck.
Warehouse stash key
  • Gate NE of marked men supply outpost
  • In metal box inside right side up trailer just west of the marked men supply outpost