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本文介紹的是holodisks and paper notes which contain readable text or voice recordings. 關於other holodisks and notes,參見Fallout: New Vegas miscellaneous items

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本页列出所有 holodisks and notesFallout: New Vegas, the upcoming Fallout game by Obsidian Entertainment.

General information[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

In Fallout: New Vegas, picking up holodisks or paper notes will add them to the "Misc" category of your Pip-Boy 3000's "Data" screen.

Legend[编辑 | 编辑源代码]


List[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

For locations and transcripts please refer to the individual articles.

Base game[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

Name Related quest G.E.C.K. ID Base ID
Text A tragedy has befallen all mankind The House Has Gone Bust! vObituaryMrHouse 8|0|left}}
Text About that bunker at Fortification Hill... vYesManBunkerNote 8|0|left}}
Text Activation code I Put a Spell on You VMS08BombPassword 8|0|left}}
Text Alpha Station password Cut content RSAlphaPassword 8|0|left}}
Text Ambassador Crocker's note VMS23CrockerNote 8|0|left}}
Text Ambassador Phillip Granger's final report VNCREmbassyDispatch1 8|0|left}}
Text Ambassador Susanna Edith's final report VNCREmbassyDispatch2 8|0|left}}
Text Anderson's confession The White Wash VMS11AndersonNote 8|0|left}}
Sound Automated solution response Democracy Inaction VVault11SolutionResponse 8|0|left}}
Text Bravo Station password Cut content RSBravoPassword 8|0|left}}
Text Big Sal's password VMS21BigSalsPassword 8|0|left}}
Text Bill of sale One for My Baby VFreeformNovacBillOfSale 8|0|left}}
Text Black Mountain investigation note Cut content BMNCRTrooperNote 8|0|left}}
Text Black Mountain prison password BMPrisonPasswordNote 8|0|left}}
Text Cachino's journal How Little We Know VMS21CachinoJournal 8|0|left}}
Text Camp McCarran weapons manifest ContrerasComputerNote 8|0|left}}
Text Cassidy Caravans buyout offer You Can Depend on Me VMS05CassidyBuyoutNote 8|0|left}}
Text Cerulean Robotics terminal access card Wang Dang Atomic Tango VFSFistoTerminalCardNote 8|0|left}}
Text Chairmen job offer VMQ01JessupNote 8|0|left}}
Text Charlie Station password Cut content RSCharliePassword 8|0|left}}
Text Charlie Station requsition list In-game spelling VMSRSCharlieLogNote 8|0|left}}
Text Check on Ranger Station Charlie Andy and Charlie VFreeformNovacRangerStationNote 8|0|left}}
Sound Chief Hanlon's confession Return to Sender VHanlonsConfession 8|0|left}}
Text Comm station password I Could Make You Care VMS49CommPassword 8|0|left}}
Text Corporal White's journal VMS11Note 8|0|left}}
Text Corpse Retrieved A Final Plan for Esteban McCarranProperBurialNote 8|0|left}}
Text Crimson Caravan - Van Graff agreement Heartache by the Number CassNoteCrimsonCaravan 8|0|left}}
Text Crimson Caravan invoice You Can Depend on Me CrimsonCaravanHolotapeNV 8|0|left}}
Text Declaration of Vital Essence vNiptonParanoidNote 8|0|left}}
Text Delta Station password Cut content RSDeltaPassword 8|0|left}}
Text Dermot's ledger The Coyotes VMS13Note 8|0|left}}
Sound Deputy Beagle's journal VMQ01BeagleJournalNote 8|0|left}}
Text Dr. Richards medical report VMS30RichardsMedicalReport 8|0|left}}
Text Eastern reflector control terminal password That Lucky Old Sun VMS03HeliosTerminalEastPassword 8|0|left}}
Text Echo Station password Cut content RSEchoPassword 8|0|left}}
Text Elaine's letter VNoteElaine 8|0|left}}
Text Entry one in the Die-ary of Trash SLTrashJournal01 8|0|left}}
Text Entry two in the Die-ary of Trash SLTrashJournal02 8|0|left}}
Text Entry three in the Die-ary of Trash SLTrashJournal03 8|0|left}}
Text Erasmus' logbook Cut content VMSRSEchoClipboard 8|0|left}}
Text Ericsen's log Cut content VMSRSBravoClipboard 8|0|left}}
Text Fine dining VStripEpicureNote 8|0|left}}
Text First Sergeant Astor's log CampSearchlightAstorLog 8|0|left}}
Text Food processor parts list Not Worth a Hill of Corn and Beans VFreeformMcCarranMessHallPartsListNote 8|0|left}}
Text For Carla VBooneLastLetterNote 8|0|left}}
Text Forged Jet theft note VFSForgedJetNote 8|0|left}}
Text Forlorn Hope letter 1 VCFHTrooperNote01 8|0|left}}
Text Forlorn Hope letter 2 VCFHTrooperNote02 8|0|left}}
Text Forlorn Hope letter 3 VCFHTrooperNote03 8|0|left}}
Text Forlorn Hope letter 4 VCFHTrooperNote04 8|0|left}}
Text Forlorn Hope letter 5 VCFHTrooperNote05 8|0|left}}
Text Forlorn Hope letter 6 VCFHTrooperNote06 8|0|left}}
Text Forlorn Hope letter 7 VCFHTrooperNote07 8|0|left}}
Text Forlorn Hope letter 8 VCFHTrooperNote08 8|0|left}}
Text Forlorn Hope letter 9 VCFHTrooperNote09 8|0|left}}
Text Forlorn Hope mandate VCFHMandateNote 8|0|left}}
Text Foxtrot Station password Cut content RSFoxtrotPassword 8|0|left}}
Text Frank Weathers' family Left My Heart NVCCFrankWeathersNote 8|0|left}}
Text Freeside squatter camp note VFSOffDutyNCRBarkerPasswordNote 8|0|left}}
Text Getting Janet into Nellis Young Hearts vNellisJanetNote 8|0|left}}
Text Go with Captain Parker to arrest Keith Keith's Caravan Charade VDialogueVegasEastArrestNote 8|0|left}}
Text Halford's note Help for Halford DogTagFistNote 8|0|left}}
Text Help me! SLBasincreek 8|0|left}}
Text Henchman message to Andy Scabb Someone to Watch Over Me VOVNVAndyScabbNote01 8|0|left}}
Sound Holotape SSHQAllenMarksHolo 8|0|left}}
Text Holotape Cut content PowderGanger01Note 8|0|left}}
Text How to play Caravan CaravanRulesNote 8|0|left}}
Text Inventory transfer order VMS49GunNote 8|0|left}}
Text Investigate Keith's gambling and drug operations Keith's Caravan Charade VDialogueVegasEastKeithNote 8|0|left}}
Text Jean-Baptiste's Jet theft note VFSRealJetNote 8|0|left}}
Sound Justice Bloc HQ security tapes VVault11JusticeBlocRecording 8|0|left}}
Text Karl's journal Oh My Papa VRRCKarlsJournalNOTE 8|0|left}}
Text Keely's password There Stands the Grass V22KeelyPassword 8|0|left}}
Text Kudlow's report log Cut content VMSRSFoxtrotClipboard 8|0|left}}
Text Legion orders CampSearchlightLegionNote 8|0|left}}
Text Legion patrol notes NVCCLegionNotesNote 8|0|left}}
Text Legion raid plans Eye for an Eye NVCCLegionPlansNote 8|0|left}}
Text Legion slave ledger Oh My Papa VRRCLegionSlaveLedgerNOTE 8|0|left}}
Text Letter of introduction (female) Cut content VNCRCFHolotapeFemale 8|0|left}}
Text Letter of introduction (male) Cut content VNCRCFHolotapeMale 8|0|left}}
Text Letter to Gloria CassNoteVanGraff 8|0|left}}
Text Lineholm's log Cut content VMSRSAlphaClipboard 8|0|left}}
Text Log page 3 NVCGLog3Note 8|0|left}}
Text Log page 5 NVCGLog5Note 8|0|left}}
Text Log page 7 NVCGLog7Note 8|0|left}}
Text Log page 8 NVCGLog8Note 8|0|left}}
Text Log page 12 NVCGLog12Note 8|0|left}}
Text Log page 13 NVCGLog13Note 8|0|left}}
Text Log page 14 NVCGLog14Note 8|0|left}}
Text Log page 15 NVCGLog15Note 8|0|left}}
Text Log page 18 NVCGLog18Note 8|0|left}}
Text Log page 19 NVCGLog19Note 8|0|left}}
Text Log page 20 NVCGLog20Note 8|0|left}}
Text Matchbook Beyond the Beef VMS18Matchbook 8|0|left}}
Text Matter modulator project REPCONHQQ35 8|0|left}}
Text Mayes request Tags of Our Fallen CFHNCRDogtagNote1 8|0|left}}
Text Mayor Steyn's journal 1/2 vNiptonMayorJournal 8|0|left}}
Text Mayor Steyn's journal 2/2 vNiptonMayorJournal2 8|0|left}}
Text McCarran arms request Dealing with Contreras VFreeformMcCarranContreras1GunRunners 8|0|left}}
Text Meat vendor list Poor Meat Never Makes Good Soup VFreeformMcCarranMessHallMeatVendorList 8|0|left}}
Text Medical supplies Dealing with Contreras VFreeformMcCarranContreras2CrimsonCaravan 8|0|left}}
Text Meeting notes Cut content BMMarcusNote 8|0|left}}
Text Mercenary note Unfriendly Persuasion VMS50Note 8|0|left}}
Text Message: Khan hospitality VNovacGreatKhansNote 8|0|left}}
Text Midnight ranch attacks The Screams of Brahmin VFreeformNovacChupacabraNote 8|0|left}}
Text Military orders VMS02MilitaryOrders 8|0|left}}
Text Milling specifications GunRunnerHolotapeNV 8|0|left}}
Text Mission statement CB-03 HVPatrolNote03 8|0|left}}
Text Mission statement KH-792 HVPatrolNote02 8|0|left}}
Text Mission statement XV-56 HVPatrolNote01 8|0|left}}
Text Missing laser pistol Pistol Packing HVTorresNote 8|0|left}}
Text Mojave Express delivery order (4 of 6) PrimmCourierNote 8|0|left}}
Text Mojave Express delivery order (6 of 6) They Went That-a-Way VMQ01CourierNote 8|0|left}}
Text Monorail sabotage plans I Put a Spell on You VMS08Plans 8|0|left}}
Text Motor-Runner Bounty Bounty Killer VMS07BountyNote 8|0|left}}
Text Mr. RADical's journal ClarkFieldRadiationGuyJournal 8|0|left}}
Text Nellis artillery timing details Highway to the Danger Zone NellisGeorgeArtilleryNote 8|0|left}}
Text Nellis Missile Metal Missing a Few Missiles NellisMissileNote 8|0|left}}
Text Nellis Scrap Metal NellisScrapNote 8|0|left}}
Text Nellis Solar Array Sunshine Boogie NellisArrayNote 8|0|left}}
Text Nighttime sniper VFreeformNovacNighttimeSniperNote 8|0|left}}
Text Note HVRangerNoteItem 8|0|left}}
Text Note from Corporal White The White Wash VMS11TrentBascomNote 8|0|left}}
Text Note to self Cut content VES02GeckomanNote 8|0|left}}
Text Note from White to Dazzle VMS11DazzleNote 8|0|left}}
Text Note to Tyrone VMS04ChompsLewisNote 8|0|left}}
Text Offer to permit annexation Cut content vConcessionMrHouse 8|0|left}}
Text Old Legion paperwork Eye for an Eye NVCCLegionPapersNote 8|0|left}}
Text Omertas stopped buying from Mick How Little We Know VFreesideMickOmertaNote1 8|0|left}}
Text Order of Withdrawal All or Nothing VHDTermsOfSurrender 8|0|left}}
Text Overseer's journal fragment 1 V34OverseerJournal01Note 8|0|left}}
Text Overseer's journal fragment 2 V34OverseerJournal02Note 8|0|left}}
Text Overseer's journal fragment 3 V34OverseerJournal03Note 8|0|left}}
Text Overseer's journal fragment 4 V34OverseerJournal04Note 8|0|left}}
Text Overseer's password V34OverseerPassword 8|0|left}}
Text Pacer's patient record VFSPacerPatientRecord 8|0|left}}
Text Patient 1648654 V19MedNote01 8|0|left}}
Text Patient 1687865 V19MedNote03 8|0|left}}
Text Patient 3905698 V19MedNote05 8|0|left}}
Text Patient 5498465 V19MedNote02 8|0|left}}
Text Patient 6585645 V19MedNote04 8|0|left}}
Text Philippe's recipes Beyond the Beef VMS18RecipeNote 8|0|left}}
Sound Post-War audio log JacobstownAudioLog01 8|0|left}}
Text Powder Ganger notes 8|0|left}} (note 1)
{{#pad:0010a143|8|0|left}} (note 2)
{{#pad:0010a149|8|0|left}} (note 3)
Text Prepared speech of Gus Olson, ombudsman, for the annual overseer election VVault11Speech 8|0|left}}
Text President Kimball's itinerary You'll Know It When It Happens VMQ03KimballItinerary 8|0|left}}
Text Primm residential petition (unsigned) PrimmSheriffPetition0 8|0|left}}
Text Primm residential petition (1 signature) PrimmSheriffPetition1 8|0|left}}
Text Primm residential petition (2 signatures) PrimmSheriffPetition2 8|0|left}}
Text Primm residential petition (3 signatures) PrimmSheriffPetition3 8|0|left}}
Text Primm residential petition (4 signatures) PrimmSheriffPetition4 8|0|left}}
Text Primm residential petition - complete PrimmSheriffPetition5 8|0|left}}
Text Primm Slim corrupted memory block A Pair of Dead Desperados, I VanceGunNote1 8|0|left}}
Text Ranger Kudlow report Return to Sender VMS52KudlowReport 8|0|left}}
Text Ranger Lineholm report Return to Sender VMS52LineholmReport 8|0|left}}
Text Ranger Pason report Return to Sender VMS52PasonReport 8|0|left}}
Sound Ranger Station Charlie audio log 1 Andy and Charlie RSCharlieAudioLog01 8|0|left}}
Sound Ranger Station Charlie audio log 2 Andy and Charlie RSCharlieAudioLog02 8|0|left}}
Text Ranger station radio security codes Return to Sender RadioCodesNote 8|0|left}}
Text Ransom note PrimmBisonSteveRansom 8|0|left}}
Text Recipes - Brahmin Wellington RecipesBrahminWellington 8|0|left}}
Text Recipes - Cass' moonshine RecipesCassMoonshineNote 8|0|left}}
Text Recipes - Cook-Cook's Fiend stew RecipesCookCooksFiendStewNote 8|0|left}}
Text Recipes - Rose's wasteland omelet You Gotta Break Out a Few Eggs RecipesRosesWastelandOmeletNote 8|0|left}}
Text Recipes - Turbo Aba Daba Honeymoon RecipesTurboNote 8|0|left}}
Text Repair note #3 BMRepairNote3 8|0|left}}
Text Report back to Captain Parker Keith's Caravan Charade VDialogueVegasEastDiceNote
Text Reprimand recommendation VMS11RomanowskiNote 8|0|left}}
Text Revenge note Birds of a Feather VFSSilverRushBomberNote 8|0|left}}
Text Roy Gottlieb's terminal password VVault11GottliebPassword 8|0|left}}
Text Sammy's safe combination Cut content SammySafeComb 8|0|left}}
Text Sexton's note An Ear to the Ground CFHNCRSextonNote1 8|0|left}}
Text Sgt. Reyes list Cut content VMSRSGlobalCommBreakdownList 8|0|left}}
Text Sgt. Reyes list Cut content VMSRSGlobalCommBreakdownListNoCharlie 8|0|left}}
Text Silent treatment Silus Treatment VFreeformMcCarran2POWNote 8|0|left}}
Text Sniper nest location VCFHSniperNote 8|0|left}}
Text Snuff tapes VMS21MurderTapes 8|0|left}}
Text Stealthboy shipment update REPCONBasementTerminalNote6 8|0|left}}
Text Storage room safe REPCONNotePassword 8|0|left}}
Text Strip letter 1 VStripGamblerNote01 8|0|left}}
Text Strip letter 2 VStripGamblerNote02 8|0|left}}
Text Strip letter 3 VStripGamblerNote03 8|0|left}}
Text Strip letter 4 VStripGamblerNote04 8|0|left}}
Text Strip letter 5 VStripGamblerNote05 8|0|left}}
Text Strip letter 6 VStripGamblerNote06 8|0|left}}
Text Strip letter 7 VStripGamblerNote07 8|0|left}}
Text Strip letter 8 VStripTrooperNote01 8|0|left}}
Text Strip letter 9 VStripTrooperNote02 8|0|left}}
Text Strip letter 10 VStripTrooperNote03 8|0|left}}
Text Strip letter 11 VStripTrooperNote04 8|0|left}}
Sound System recording: Vault 11 front entrance VVault11SurvivorRecording 8|0|left}}
Sound System recording: Vault 11 solution Democracy Inaction VVault11Solution 8|0|left}}
Text Thanks, baby vBennyLoveNote 8|0|left}}
Text The Screams of Brahmin The Screams of Brahmin VFreeformNovacChupacabraInventoryNote 8|0|left}}
Text They didn't shoot the deputy VFreeformPrimmSheriff 8|0|left}}
Text Tomas's journal SSHQTomasNote 8|0|left}}
Text Torn diary page 1 SLFarmDiary01 8|0|left}}
Text Torn diary page 2 SLFarmDiary02 8|0|left}}
Text Torn diary page 3 SLFarmDiary03 8|0|left}}
Text Torn diary page 4 SLFarmDiary04 8|0|left}}
Text Treasure hunt BMHiddenTreasureNote 8|0|left}}
Text Troike blackmail note VMS21TroikeBlackMail 8|0|left}}
Text Vance gun brochure PrimmVanceGunNote 8|0|left}}
Text Vault 11 (note) Democracy Inaction VVault11QuestNote 8|0|left}}'
Text Vault 11 overseer's terminal password VVault11OverseerPassword 8|0|left}}
Text Vault 3 overseer password I Love Bananas VMS07OverseerPassword 8|0|left}}
Text Vault 34 security terminal password V34F3Keycard 8|0|left}}
Text Vault 34 utility terminal password V34F2Keycard 8|0|left}}
Text Vault 74 holotape overseer's log Cut content VT74aHoloNote 8|0|left}}
Text Vault 74a overseer's log VT74aQuestNote 8|0|left}}
Text Wanted: Deathclaw egg VFreeformQJJasNote 8|0|left}}
Text Western reflector control terminal password That Lucky Old Sun VMS03HeliosTerminalWestPassword 8|0|left}}

Dead Money[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

Name Related quest G.E.C.K. ID Base ID
Text Casino security passcode NVDLC01CasinoPasscode01 xx{{#pad:00a5a2|6|0|left}}
Text Dean Domino's "Saw Her Yesterday" song NVDLC01TheaterDeanHolotapeNote xx{{#pad:00e9f6|6|0|left}}
Sound Dean Domino's blackmail evidence NVDLC01DeanBlackmailTapeNote xx{{#pad:0132d9|6|0|left}}
Sound Dog command tape NVDLC01DogCommandNote xx{{#pad:00dfcf|6|0|left}}
Text Elijah's holomessage NVDLC01ElijahHolomessage xx{{#pad:0119dc|6|0|left}}
Text Ennis's note Cut content NVDLC01Gala02EnnisLockerNote xx{{#pad:00ec9f|6|0|left}}
Text Extracted holotape NVDLC01VaultVera01Note xx{{#pad:013897|6|0|left}}
Text Journal NVDLC01wtJournalNote xx{{#pad:012280|6|0|left}}
Text Journal NVDLC01ETJournalNote xx{{#pad:0136f4|6|0|left}}
Sound Message from Elijah: Gala event Cut content NVDLC01ElijahNote02 xx{{#pad:00bcda|6|0|left}}
Sound Prisoner commands NVDLC01ElijahNote01 xx{{#pad:00bcd9|6|0|left}}
Text Recipe: Super-Heated Knife! NVDLC01RecipeSuperHeatedKnifeNote xx{{#pad:0138e8|6|0|left}}
Text Remote maintenance terminal password NVDLC01Gala02EnnisTerminalFromNote xx{{#pad:00ec9e|6|0|left}}
Text See you in hell asshole NVDLC01Gala02MercNote xx{{#pad:013b19|6|0|left}}
Text Shipment invoice Cut content NVDLC01wtShipmentInvoiceNote xx{{#pad:01227f|6|0|left}}
Text Sierra Madre entertainer pass Curtain Call at the Tampico NVDLC01PassMaintenanceNote xx{{#pad:009238|6|0|left}}
Text Sierra Madre maintenance pass Put the Beast Down NVDLC01PassEntertainerNote xx{{#pad:009237|6|0|left}}
Text Spliced holotape NVDLC01StarletVoiceFragment04 xx{{#pad:00ed51|6|0|left}}
Text Stained note NVDLC01wtStainedNote xx{{#pad:01227e|6|0|left}}
Text Stained page NVDLC01ETStainedPageNote xx{{#pad:0136f5|6|0|left}}
Text Suites password reminder NVDLC01SuitesSecurityPassword xx{{#pad:00a846|6|0|left}}
Text Tampico's front desk terminal password NVDLC01TheaterFrontDeskTerminalPassword xx{{#pad:010977|6|0|left}}
Text Tampico's stage manager passcode Cut content NVDLC01TheaterEntertainerPasscodeNote xx{{#pad:0109ef|6|0|left}}
Text Torn journal NVDLC01ETTornJournalNote xx{{#pad:0136f6|6|0|left}}
Text Toxic samples NVDLC01Gala02SampleNote xx{{#pad:01336e|6|0|left}}
Text Vault security protocols Heist of the Centuries NVDLC01VaultSecurityProtocolNote xx{{#pad:00bfbd|6|0|left}}
Text Vault turret terminal password NVDLC01VaultTurretPasswordNote xx{{#pad:0132d7|6|0|left}}
Text Vending machine code - ".308 rifle rounds" NVDLC01VendingAutoRifleAmmo xx{{#pad:011b2d|6|0|left}}
Text Vending machine code - ".357 Magnum rounds" NVDLC01VendingPolicePistolAmmo xx{{#pad:011b2c|6|0|left}}
Text Vending machine code - "Automatic rifle - upgraded internals" NVDLC01VendingModAutoRifle xx{{#pad:013329|6|0|left}}
Text Vending machine code - "Bear trap fist - heavy duty springs" NVDLC01VendingModBearTrapFist xx{{#pad:01332b|6|0|left}}
Text Vending machine code - "Buffout" NVDLC01VendingBuffout xx{{#pad:011B33|6|0|left}}
Text Vending machine code - "Demolition charge" NVDLC01VendingDemoCharge xx{{#pad:011b2b|6|0|left}}
Text Vending machine code - "Hologram rifle - advanced calibration" NVDLC01VendingModHoloRifle03 xx{{#pad:013b21|6|0|left}}
Text Vending machine code - "Hologram rifle - focusing lense" NVDLC01VendingModHoloRifle02 xx{{#pad:013b1b|6|0|left}}
Text Vending machine code - "Hologram rifle - reinforced components" NVDLC01VendingModHoloRifle xx{{#pad:01332a|6|0|left}}
Text Vending machine code - "Med-X" NVDLC01VendingMedX xx{{#pad:011dff|6|0|left}}
Text Vending machine code - "Mentats" NVDLC01VendingMentats xx{{#pad:011b34|6|0|left}}
Text Vending machine code - "Police Pistol" Cut content NVDLC01VendingPolicePistol xx{{#pad:011b2a|6|0|left}}
Text Vending machine code - "Rad-X" NVDLC01VendingRadX xx{{#pad:011b2f|6|0|left}}
Text Vending machine code - "RadAway" NVDLC01VendingRadAway xx{{#pad:011b2e|6|0|left}}
Text Vending machine code - "Rebound" NVDLC01VendingRebound xx{{#pad:011b32|6|0|left}}
Text Vending machine code - "Return outfit item" NVDLC01VendReturnOutfitItem xx{{#pad:012f56|6|0|left}}
Text Vending machine code - "Return SA armor" NVDLC01VendReturnSAArmor xx{{#pad:012f53|6|0|left}}
Text Vending machine code - "Scotch" NVDLC01VendingScotch xx{{#pad:011b36|6|0|left}}
Text Vending machine code - "Steady" NVDLC01VendingSteady xx{{#pad:011b31|6|0|left}}
Text Vending machine code - "Stimpak" NVDLC01VendingStimpak xx{{#pad:012f55|6|0|left}}
Text Vending machine code - "Super stimpak" NVDLC01VendingSuperStims xx{{#pad:011b29|6|0|left}}
Text Vending machine code - "Vodka" NVDLC01VendingVodka xx{{#pad:011b37|6|0|left}}
Text Vending machine code - "Weapon repair kit" NVDLC01VendingWeapRepairKit xx{{#pad:011B30|6|0|left}}
Text Vending machine code - "Wine" NVDLC01VendingWine xx{{#pad:011b35|6|0|left}}
Text Vera Keyes' "Begin Again" song NVDLC01StarletVoiceFragment03 xx{{#pad:00E7ca|6|0|left}}
Text Vera Keyes' "Go to the Faraway" song NVDLC01StarletVoiceFragment02 xx{{#pad:00E7C9|6|0|left}}
Text Vera Keyes' "Let the Bright Tomorrow in" song NVDLC01StarletVoiceFragment01 xx{{#pad:00e7c8|6|0|left}}
Text Vera Keyes' "Let the Bright Tomorrow in" song (I) Cut content NVDLC01StarletMusicFragment01 xx{{#pad:012e4a|6|0|left}}
Text Vera Keyes' "Let the Bright Tomorrow in" song (II) Cut content NVDLC01StarletMusicFragment02 xx{{#pad:012e48|6|0|left}}
Text Vera Keyes' "Let the Bright Tomorrow in" song (III) Cut content NVDLC01StarletMusicFragment03 xx{{#pad:012e49|6|0|left}}
Sound Vera Keyes' audition NVDLC01StarletAudition01Note xx{{#pad:0132d8|6|0|left}}
Text Vera Keyes' medical report NVDLC01SuitesVeraMedNote xx{{#pad:013410|6|0|left}}
Text Vera Keyes' partitures NVDLC01StarletPartitures xx{{#pad:0108ea|6|0|left}}
Text Worker's note NVDLC01VaultWorkerNote xx{{#pad:013894|6|0|left}}

Honest Hearts[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

Name Related quest G.E.C.K. ID Base ID
Text BEWARE - A VENGEFUL SPIRIT STALKS THESE CANYONS NVDLC02Vault22Note01 xx{{#pad:010c11|6|0|left}}
Text Grand Staircase map holotape The Grand Staircase NVDLC02GrandStaircaseMap (item) xx{{#pad:00d696|6|0|left}} (item)
Text Sorrows healing powder supply NVDLC02HealingPowderNote xx{{#pad:00a672|6|0|left}}
Text Year: 2077 NVDLC02Survivalist2077Note01 xx{{#pad:00d925|6|0|left}}
Text Year: 2078 NVDLC02Survivalist2078Note01 xx{{#pad:00d926|6|0|left}}
Text Year: 2083 NVDLC02Survivalist2083Note01 xx{{#pad:00d927|6|0|left}}
Text Year: 2084 NVDLC02Survivalist2084Note01 xx{{#pad:00d928|6|0|left}}
Text Year: 2095 NVDLC02Survivalist2095Note01 xx{{#pad:00d929|6|0|left}}
Text Year: 2096 NVDLC02Survivalist2096Note01 xx{{#pad:00d92a|6|0|left}}
Text Year: 2096 (II) NVDLC02Survivalist2096Note02 xx{{#pad:00d92b|6|0|left}}
Text Year: 2097 NVDLC02Survivalist2097Note01 xx{{#pad:00d92c|6|0|left}}
Text Year: 2100 NVDLC02Survivalist2100Note01 xx{{#pad:00d92d|6|0|left}}
Text Year: 2101 NVDLC02Survivalist2101Note01 xx{{#pad:00d92e|6|0|left}}
Text Year: 2108 NVDLC02Survivalist2108Note01 xx{{#pad:00d92f|6|0|left}}
Text Year: 2113 NVDLC02Survivalist2113Note01 xx{{#pad:00d930|6|0|left}}
Text Year: 2123 NVDLC02Survivalist2123Note01 xx{{#pad:00d931|6|0|left}}
Text Year: 2124 NVDLC02Survivalist2124Note01 xx{{#pad:00d932|6|0|left}}

Old World Blues[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

Name Related quest G.E.C.K. ID Base ID
Text "Muggy" Upgrade: Parts Production Influencing People NVDLC03HQUpgradeMuggyPartsProductionNOTE xx{{#pad:011fb1|6|0|left}}
Text Audio Sample - Gabriel's Bark Field Research NVDLC03SonicGunGabrielsBarkNOTE xx{{#pad:011f92|6|0|left}}
Text Audio Sample - Giant Tarantula Field Research NVDLC03SonicGunTarantulaNOTE xx{{#pad:011f95|6|0|left}}
Text Audio Sample - Mobius' Robo-scorpion Field Research NVDLC03SonicGunRoboScorpionNOTE xx{{#pad:011f94|6|0|left}}
Text Audio Sample - Opera Singer Field Research NVDLC03SonicGunOperaSingerNOTE xx{{#pad:011f93|6|0|left}}
Text Auto-Doc Upgrade: Cosmetic Enhancements Influencing People NVDLC03HQUpgradeAutoDocCosmeticNOTE xx{{#pad:013d7e|6|0|left}}
Text Auto-Doc Upgrade: Hair Styling Enhancements Influencing People NVDLC03HQUpgradeAutoDocBarberNOTE xx{{#pad:011fa1|6|0|left}}
Text Auto-Doc Upgrade: Implant C-13 Influencing People NVDLC03HQUpgradeAutoDocC13NOTE xx{{#pad:011fa2|6|0|left}}
Text Auto-Doc Upgrade: Implant M-5 Influencing People NVDLC03HQUpgradeAutoDocM5NOTE xx{{#pad:011fa3|6|0|left}}
Text Auto-Doc Upgrade: Implant Y-3 Influencing People NVDLC03HQUpgradeAutoDocY3NOTE xx{{#pad:011fa4|6|0|left}}
Text Auto-Doc Upgrade: Implant Y-7 Influencing People NVDLC03HQUpgradeAutoDocY7NOTE xx{{#pad:011fa5|6|0|left}}
Text Betsy Bright's Disciplinary Record Sonic Emitter Upgrade NVDLC03X8SchoolRecord xx{{#pad:00dd48|6|0|left}}
Text Book Chute Upgrade: Mulching Influencing People NVDLC03HQUpgradeBookChuteMulchingNOTE xx{{#pad:011fa9|6|0|left}}
Text Cherie O' Bannon's After-School Schedule Sonic Emitter Upgrade NVDLC03X8SchoolSchedule xx{{#pad:00dd4a|6|0|left}}
Text Dog and lobotomite splicing experiment holotape NVDLC03X8Experiment02Note xx{{#pad:012a0b|6|0|left}}
Text Dog and robot splicing experiment holotape NVDLC03X8Experiment01Note xx{{#pad:012a0d|6|0|left}}
Text Elijah's Watch journal NVDLC03ElijahWatchJournal xx{{#pad:0155c7|6|0|left}}
Text Emergency shutdown terminal password NVDLC03X42ShutdownTerminalPassword xx{{#pad:0f996|6|0|left}}
Text Hazmat pod security code NVDLC03HazmatNote xx{{#pad:01418d|6|0|left}}
Text Light Switch 01 Upgrade: "Smart Lights" Influencing People NVDLC03HQUpgradeLight01SmartNOTE xx{{#pad:011faf|6|0|left}}
Text Light Switch 02 Upgrade: "Mood Lights" Influencing People NVDLC03HQUpgradeLight02MoodNOTE xx{{#pad:0122e7|6|0|left}}
Text Main Computer Upgrade: K9000 Mod "Mentat Chow" Influencing People NVDLC03HQUpgradeMainComputerK9ModMentatChowNOTE xx{{#pad:015617|6|0|left}}
Text Main Computer Upgrade: K9000 Mod "Resla Roil" Influencing People NVDLC03HQUpgradeMainComputerK9ModReslaRoilNOTE xx{{#pad:015614|6|0|left}}
Text Main Computer Upgrade: LAER Mod "Auxiliary Recharger Chip" Influencing People NVDLC03HQUpgradeMainComputerLAERModAuxClipNOTE xx{{#pad:015615|6|0|left}}
Text Main Computer Upgrade: LAER Mod "Prismatic Lens" Influencing People NVDLC03HQUpgradeMainComputerLAERModPrismNOTE xx{{#pad:015616|6|0|left}}
Text Midterm Grade Report: Richie Marcus Sonic Emitter Upgrade NVDLC03X8SchoolGrades xx{{#pad:00dd49|6|0|left}}
Sound Patient log: Y-17.0 NVDLC03ChristineMedicalCenterHolotapeNote xx{{#pad:014747|6|0|left}}
Sound Patient log: Y-17.5 NVDLC03ChristineUlysses01HolotapeNote xx{{#pad:014748|6|0|left}}
Sound Patient log: Y-17.9 NVDLC03ChristineUlysses02HolotapeNote xx{{#pad:014749|6|0|left}}
Text Recipes - Barter skill book NVDLC03RecipeSkillBookBarterITEM (item) xx{{#pad:0169e5|6|0|left}} (item)
Text Recipes - Energy Weapons skill book NVDLC03RecipeSkillBookEnergyWeapITEM (item) xx{{#pad:0169e6|6|0|left}} (item)
Text Recipes - Explosives skill book NVDLC03RecipeSkillBookExplosivesITEM (item) xx{{#pad:0169e7|6|0|left}} (item)
Text Recipes - Guns skill book NVDLC03RecipeSkillBookGunsITEM (item) xx{{#pad:0169e8|6|0|left}} (item)
Text Recipes - Lockpick skill book NVDLC03RecipeSkillBookLockpickingITEM (item) xx{{#pad:0169e9|6|0|left}} (item)
Text Recipes - Medicine skill book NVDLC03RecipeSkillBookMedicineITEM (item) xx{{#pad:0169ea|6|0|left}} (item)
Text Recipes - Melee Weapons skill book NVDLC03RecipeSkillBookMeleeWeapITEM (item) xx{{#pad:0169f4|6|0|left}} (item)
Text Recipes - Repair skill book NVDLC03RecipeSkillBookRepairITEM (item) xx{{#pad:0169ec|6|0|left}} (item)
Text Recipes - Science skill book NVDLC03RecipeSkillBookScienceITEM (item) xx{{#pad:0169ed|6|0|left}} (item)
Text Recipes - Sneak skill book NVDLC03RecipeSkillBookSneakITEM (item) xx{{#pad:0169ee|6|0|left}} (item)
Text Recipes - Speech skill book NVDLC03RecipeSkillBookSpeechITEM (item) xx{{#pad:0169ef|6|0|left}} (item)
Text Recipes - Survival skill book NVDLC03RecipeSkillBookSurvivalITEM (item) xx{{#pad:0169f0|6|0|left}} (item)
Text Recipes - Unarmed skill book NVDLC03RecipeSkillBookUnarmedITEM (item) xx{{#pad:0169f1|6|0|left}} (item)
Text Robot and nightstalker splicing experiment holotape NVDLC03X8Experiment03Note xx{{#pad:012a0c|6|0|left}} (item)
Text Schematics - K9000 FIDO NVDLC03SchematicsFIDONote xx{{#pad:0142ca|6|0|left}}
Text Sink Project: Auto-Doc All My Friends Have Off Switches NVDLC03HQBuddyAutoDocNOTE xx{{#pad:011f97|6|0|left}}
Text Sink Project: Biological Research Station All My Friends Have Off Switches NVDLC03HQBuddyBiologyNOTE xx{{#pad:011f96|6|0|left}}
Text Sink Project: Book Chute All My Friends Have Off Switches NVDLC03HQBuddyBookChuteNOTE xx{{#pad:011f99|6|0|left}}
Text Sink Project: Central Intelligence Unit All My Friends Have Off Switches NVDLC03HQBuddyCentralIntelligenceNOTE xx{{#pad:01634b|6|0|left}}
Text Sink Project: Jukebox All My Friends Have Off Switches NVDLC03HQBuddyJukeboxNOTE xx{{#pad:011f98|6|0|left}}
Text Sink Project: Light Switch 01 All My Friends Have Off Switches NVDLC03HQBuddyLightSwitch01NOTE xx{{#pad:011f9e|6|0|left}}
Text Sink Project: Light Switch 02 All My Friends Have Off Switches NVDLC03HQBuddyLightSwitch02NOTE xx{{#pad:011f9f|6|0|left}}
Text Sink Project: Muggy All My Friends Have Off Switches NVDLC03HQBuddyMuggyNOTE xx{{#pad:011fa0|6|0|left}}
Text Sink Project: Sink All My Friends Have Off Switches NVDLC03HQBuddySinkNOTE xx{{#pad:011f9d|6|0|left}}
Text Sink Project: Toaster All My Friends Have Off Switches NVDLC03HQBuddyToasterNOTE xx{{#pad:011f9c|6|0|left}}
Text Sink Upgrade: Water Production Influencing People NVDLC03HQUpgradeSinkWaterNOTE xx{{#pad:011faa|6|0|left}}
Text Sonic emitter notice NVDLC03X13FieldGunNote xx{{#pad:00dba4|6|0|left}}
Text Torn journal page NVDLC03ElijahSignalHillsPage xx{{#pad:0155c8|6|0|left}}
Text VR simulation note NVDLC03X13VRNote xx{{#pad:01634d|6|0|left}}

Lonesome Road[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

Name Related quest G.E.C.K. ID Base ID
Text Bitter drink recipe NVDLC04BitterDrinkRecipeNOTE xx{{#pad:00cf39|6|0|left}}
Text Bravo Team mission orders NVDLC04FlashBangNOTE xx{{#pad:00d96f|6|0|left}}
Text Flash bang information NVDLC04FlashbangAbilitiesNote xx{{#pad:0df4fa|6|0|left}}
Text For whoever finds this.... Nostalgia challenge NVDLC04SLWasteDisposalNote xx{{#pad:0a19c|6|0|left}}
Text Hopeville Base - Armory access codes NVDLC04Road01ArmoryAccessNote xx{{#pad:00c620|6|0|left}}
Text Hopeville Silo - 1st level security code NVDLC04Silo01SecurityCodeLvl01 xx{{#pad:092f0|6|0|left}}
Text Hopeville Silo - 2nd level security code NVDLC04Silo01SecurityCodeLvl02 xx{{#pad:092ef|6|0|left}}
Text "Missing" shipment NVDLC04ChineseGrenadeLauncherNote xx{{#pad:00caa0|6|0|left}}
Text Mission report Nostalgia challenge NVDLC04DivideJournal02 xx{{#pad:0910d|6|0|left}}
Text NCR Ranger action reports Nostalgia challenge NVDLC04AudioLogTrooperNote01 xx{{#pad:0bd38|6|0|left}}
Text NCR Ranger action reports- addendum Nostalgia challenge NVDLC04AudioLogTrooperNote02 xx{{#pad:0bd39|6|0|left}}
Sound NCR Radio distress beacon Nostalgia challenge NVDLC04AudioLogTrooperNote03 xx{{#pad:00bd3a|6|0|left}}
Text Pvt. Foster's personal journal Nostalgia challenge NVDLC04DivideJournal01 xx{{#pad:07e48|6|0|left}}
Text Sunflower Summers' diary Nostalgia challenge NVDLC04DivideJournal03 xx{{#pad:00a5f8|6|0|left}}
Sound Ulysses log Y-17.15 Ulysses' Odyssey challenge NVDLC04AudioLogUlyssesBigMT1 xx{{#pad:00cd6f|6|0|left}}
Sound Ulysses log Y-17.16 Ulysses' Odyssey challenge NVDLC04AudioLogUlyssesBigMT2 xx{{#pad:00cd70|6|0|left}}
Sound Ulysses log Y-17.17 Ulysses' Odyssey challenge NVDLC04AudioLogUlyssesBigMT3 xx{{#pad:00cd71|6|0|left}}
Sound Ulysses log Y-17.21 Ulysses' Odyssey challenge NVDLC04AudioLogUlyssesWhiteLegs1 xx{{#pad:00cd72|6|0|left}}
Sound Ulysses log Y-17.22 Ulysses' Odyssey challenge NVDLC04AudioLogUlyssesWhiteLegs2 xx{{#pad:00cd73|6|0|left}}
Sound Ulysses log Y-17.23 Ulysses' Odyssey challenge NVDLC04AudioLogUlyssesWhiteLegs3 xx{{#pad:00cd93|6|0|left}}
Sound Ulysses' final message NVDLC04AudioLogUlyssessFinalMsg xx{{#pad:00cd90|6|0|left}}