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Each of the major factions intentionally exhibits both characteristic strengths and weaknesses of their type of organization. The NCR is most like the current American government, but none of the factions are intended to be an indictment of the United States' politics/government.

Joshua Sawyer, Bethesda forums

This page lists all factions in Fallout: New Vegas, the upcoming Fallout game by Obsidian Entertainment.
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The following factions are the four major players in Fallout: New Vegas. During the course of the game, there will be an option to side with one of them or to go independent, at the expense of relations with the other major factions.


The following factions can be recruited as allies (of you and the major faction one allies with, if any.)


In addition to the Brotherhood of Steel and the Great Khans, the following are parties one can choose to destroy or spare if one chooses to do it alone instead of siding with one of the three major factions. All three of these factions run casinos on The Strip.


Faction hostility编辑

This table is a representation of a faction's hostility towards the Courier, and how likely they will be forgiven or not. However, the Courier must also note that the higher their Reputation with the faction, the more likely they will be forgiven (such as holstering one's weapon).

Faction Forgiving
New California Republic Icon yes
Caesar's Legion Icon yes
Boomers Icon yes
Followers of the Apocalypse Icon yes
Crimson Caravan Icon yes
Gun Runners Icon yes
Freeside Icon yes
Novac Icon yes
Primm Icon yes
Bright Brotherhood Icon yes
Westside Icon yes
Powder Gangers Icon no
Kings gang members Icon no
Robert House Icon no
Great Khans Icon no
Omertas Icon no
White Glove Society Icon no
Van Graffs Icon no
Happy Trails Trading Company Icon no
Fiends Icon no
Enclave Remnants Icon no
Jackals Icon no
The Strip Icon no
Jacobstown Icon no
Westside Militia Icon no
Brotherhood of Steel Icon no


  • Wearing any faction armor will turn reputation with that faction to neutral. For example, if "Liked" by the NCR but wearing NCR face wrap armor will return reputation with the NCR to "Neutral". It will go back to "Liked" once the armor is removed.
  • Faction armor may also temporarily (while the disguise is on) erase some faction relationships completely from the PipBoy. For example, wearing BoS power armor will set one's relationship with the BoS to Neutral, relationships with Freeside and the Strip will remain the same, but one cannot see any reference to a relationship with NCR and the Legion. This is not a bug, but just a way to illustrate which factions are unaffected by the faction armor. (Other factions that have been removed may either be hostile or friendly.)
  • Wearing faction armor is also a good way to accept quests from factions that would normally result in being attacked. For example, if having killed several Great Khans, the whole village will attack on sight if approaching Red Rock Canyon. However, while wearing Great Khan faction armor, one can accept and complete quests, which would eventually get some mixed reputation, and enough to allow safely taking off the faction armor without hostilities from that faction. It is recommended to always wear the faction armor (as much as possible) when advancing the quests to prevent quest failure or certain quest people from turning hostile. (At the same time, if one is entering an area from the opposite faction, be sure to take it off to prevent hostilities.)
  • The Courier can kill members of a certain faction without consequences if they sneak attack while hidden successfully.

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