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名稱 作用 如何使用 選項 模板鏈接
Game/source 標記與文章内容相關的輻射作品。 {{Games|game1|game2|game|etc}} 參見Template:Games Template:Games


Mbox default



  • {{section}},應放置在缺少文段處。
  • {{verify}},應置於需要驗證的部分之後。


名稱 何時使用 如何使用
問題圖像 條目需要更好的圖像。 {{Badimage}}
清理 條目需要清理。 {{Cleanup}}
刪除 條目需要被刪除。 {{Delete}}
需要圖像 條目的信息框缺少圖片。 {{Image}}
不完整信息框 條目的信息框不完整。 {{Incomplete}}
需要信息框 條目沒有信息框。 {{Infobox needed}}
缺少章節 條目缺少關鍵章節。 {{Section}}
Unused file File is unused and needs to be incorporated in an article. Countdown timer of 14 days before being nominated for deletion. {{Unused|~~~~~}}
尚未發生 條目内容是關於尚未發生的事件,如即將上市的遊戲。 {{Upcoming}}
驗證 内容的真實性需要驗證。 {{Verify|~~~~~}}



名稱 何時使用 如何使用 小作品分類
小作品 條目需要進一步擴充。 {{Stub}} Category:小作品
輻射小作品 關於輻射1的小作品。 {{Stub-FO1}} Category:輻射小作品
輻射2小作品 關於輻射2的小作品。 {{Stub-FO2}} Category:輻射2小作品
輻射3小作品 關於輻射3的小作品。 {{Stub-FO3}} Category:輻射3小作品
輻射:新維加斯小作品 關於輻射:新維加斯的小作品。 {{Stub-FNV}} Category:輻射:新維加斯小作品
輻射戰略版小作品 關於輻射戰略版的小作品。 {{Stub-FOT}} Category:輻射戰略版小作品
輻射:鋼鐵兄弟會小作品 關於輻射:鋼鐵兄弟會的小作品。 {{Stub-FOBOS}} Category:輻射:鋼鐵兄弟會小作品
范布倫小作品 關於范布倫計劃的小作品。 {{Stub-VB}} Category:范布倫小作品



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關於another help page,參見Help:Contents


名稱 何時使用 如何使用 模板鏈接
Category page Add it to every category to automatically create a link to the article of the same name as the category. {{Catmore}} Template:Catmore
Disambiguation If a term can refer to multiple articles (more than 2) place this at the top of the the page and list the possible articles the term may refer to. {{Disambig}} Template:Disambig
For, see If a term can refer to 2 articles place this at the very top of both articles to link to the other meaning. {{For|example text|example link}} Template:For
Main article If something should be briefly mentioned in one article but is explained in more detail in another. {{Main|example link}} Template:Main
See If something is explained in more detail in another article and does not need to be explained in the current one. {{See|example link}} Template:See


Navboxes are used to ease navigation between a certain group of articles. They should be inserted in all articles of that group at the very bottom of an article, just above the categories. Exception to this rule are sidebars, these should inserted close to the top of an article.

New navboxes can be constructed with {{Navbox}}. For a list of existing navboxes, please see Category:Navbox templates.


Canonbox default以下内容基於示例,因而不應完全作正史内容看待。



名稱 何時使用 如何使用
輻射設計文檔 if information originates from early Fallout (1) design documents and contradicts the final game {{FO1concept}}
輻射刪節内容 if the information is based on cut content of Fallout {{FO1CC}}
輻射2刪節内容 if the information is based on cut content of Fallout 2 {{FO2CC}}
輻射3刪節内容 if the information is based on cut content of Fallout 3 {{FO3CC}}
輻射:新維加斯刪節内容 if the information is based on cut content of Fallout: New Vegas {{FNVCC}}
輻射戰略版 if the information is based on Fallout Tactics {{FOT}}
輻射戰略版刪節内容 if the information is based on cut content of Fallout Tactics {{FOTCC}}
輻射:鋼鐵兄弟會 if the information is based on Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel {{FOBOS}}
輻射:鋼鐵兄弟會刪節内容 if the information is based on cut content of Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel {{FOBOSCC}}
范布倫計劃 if the information is based on Van Buren, the canceled Fallout 3 by Black Isle {{VB}}
輻射戰略版2 if the information is based on the canceled Fallout Tactics 2 {{FOT2}}
輻射:鋼鐵兄弟會2 if the information is based on the canceled Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel 2 {{FOBOS2}}
J.E. Sawyer的輻射RPG if the information is based on J.E. Sawyer's Fallout RPG {{JES}}
輻射d20 if the information is based on Fallout d20 {{d20}}


Infobox templates have the function to present basic facts about the article in a consistent way. They are to be placed at the top of an article. Infobox templates are used in a slightly different way then most templates, as they are called using parameters. Each stat template has different parameters which need to be defined when calling it. Find the template you need from the list below and refer to the template's page to see what parameters are required. If there are multiple templates of a certain type, use the most specific one.

Please note: If multiple infobox templates are added to an article they may sometimes sit next to each other rather than one below the other. To fix this, add {{clear}} between the two templates.

The table is sortable; just click on one of the sort_none.gif symbols in the table header row to order the content according to your preferences.

名稱 分類 功用
{{Infobox achievement}} Quest Achievements/trophies in general
{{Infobox add-on}} Publication Add-ons, used on game add-on pages (e.g. Operation: Anchorage)
{{Infobox addiction}} SPECIAL Addictions in general
{{Infobox ammunition}} Item Ammunition in general
{{Infobox armor}} Armor Armor in Fallout 1/Fallout 2/Fallout Tactics
{{Infobox armor gamebryo}} Armor Armor in Gamebryo-engine games (Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas)
{{Infobox armor FOBOS}} Armor Armor in Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel
{{Infobox challenge}} Quest Challenges in general
{{Infobox character}} Character Characters (NPCs) in general
{{Infobox consumable}} Item Chems, drugs and food in general
{{Infobox creature}} Creature Creatures and robots in general
{{Infobox event}} Event Events in general (e.g. battles)
{{Infobox faction}} Faction Factions in general
{{Infobox game}} Publication Games, used on the main Fallout game pages (e.g. Fallout 2)
{{Infobox game company}} Real-life Real-life game companies (e.g. developers and publishers)
{{Infobox item}} Item Misc items
{{Infobox location}} Location Locations (buildings, districts, settlements, vaults, caves, landmarks etc)
{{Infobox mission}} Quest Missions in Fallout Tactics
{{Infobox perk}} SPECIAL Perks in general
{{Infobox person}} Real-life Real-life persons (e.g. developers or voice actors)
{{Infobox pre-war company}} Organization Pre-war companies
{{Infobox publication}} Publication Non-game publications (e.g. books or web comics)
{{Infobox quest}} Quest Quests in general
{{Infobox reputation}} SPECIAL Reputation in general
{{Infobox song}} Real-life Songs in general
{{Infobox stat}} SPECIAL Primary statistics, derived statistics, skills
{{Infobox trait}} SPECIAL Traits in general
{{Infobox vehicle}} Vehicle Vehicles in general (primarily Fallout Tactics)
{{Infobox weapon}} Weapon Weapons in the early Fallout games
{{Infobox weapon gamebryo}} Weapon Weapons in Gamebryo-engine games (Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas)