To read a holodisk in Fallout, left-click the disk in your inventory and hold the mouse-button, then select the open hand-icon (use). Enter the Pipboy, click the status button and hunt down the file from the list on the right.



圖像 名稱 地點 相關任務 Proto 對話檔案
TAPE3 Ancient Brotherhood disk The Glow, first level, on Dennis Allen 00000164 ARTIFACT.MSG
TAPE3 Alpha experiment disk The Glow, level 5, in a wall safe 00000192 DISKA.MSG
TAPE3 Brotherhood honor code

Icon cut

TAPE3 Captain Maxson's diary Mariposa Military Base, level 4, from the vats terminal 00000216 VCONCOMP.MSG
TAPE3 Delta experiment disk The Glow level 5, in a wall safe 00000193 DISKD.MSG
TAPE3 Encryption decoder disk Mariposa Military Base, on the Lieutenant 00000000 CODEDISK.MSG
TAPE3 FEV experiment disk The Glow level 5, in a locker 00000190 FEVDISK.MSG
TAPE3 FEV research The Glow, from ZAX 1.2 00000000
TAPE3 Maxson log Lost Hills, given by John Maxson 00000027 ARTIFACT.MSG
TAPE3 Military Base security code Mariposa Military Base, outside, on a super mutant guard 00000231 DOORCODE.MSG
TAPE3 Mutant transmissions Deathclaw's lair, on a dying mutant Find the missing caravans 00000000
TAPE3 Power armor specs The Glow, on ZAX 1.2 00000000
TAPE3 Regulator transmission Boneyard, given by Razor 00000238
TAPE3 Richard Grey's audio diary Mariposa Military Base, from the vats terminal at level 4 00000000 VCONCOMP.MSG
TAPE3 Security tape

Icon cut

Disarm Traps for the Facility 00000192 SECDISK.MSG
TAPE3 Sophia's tape Lost Hills, given by Sophia 00000215 ARTIFACT.MSG
TAPE3 Vault locations v34.129 Hub Downtown, from Mrs. Stapleton 00000230 ARTIFACT.MSG
TAPE3 Vree's autopsy report Lost Hills, from Vree 00000194 VREEDISK.MSG
TAPE3 West Tek records The Glow, from ZAX 1.2 00000000 GPWRTERM.MSG
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