Eugene is a minigun which can be obtained from completing the Reilly's Rangers quest. This upgraded minigun has 50% greater durability than standard miniguns, much greater firepower, and starts off in very good condition. It can also be repaired with other miniguns. Eugene, fully repaired, does almost as much damage as a fully repaired Gatling Laser, while being that much more easy to find ammunition and repair materials for, and can therefore be a better choice for a main Big Guns weapon.

Quest Notes

  • It is possible to receive two by injuring Brick enough during the escape for her to get killed by the super mutants. Which then can be looted from her dead body along with ranger armor and then asking for it as a reward.
  • Killing Brick and taking it results in all of the rangers becoming hostile, whether they witnessed you kill her or not and you won't be able to get caps from Reilly anymore.
  • It is possible to pickpocket Eugene if you have a high sneak skill, although it may take many tries. Wait until all the rangers have gone to sleep, position yourself hidden from Brick, and use a stealth boy just in case. Save before attempting to do so.


Eugene appears only in Fallout 3 and is the unique version of the Minigun.

Behind the scenes

  • This weapon's name may be a reference to Eugene Stoner, a famous 20th Century military firearms designer, most famous for designing the M16.

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