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本文介紹的是"辐射:新维加斯"出現的原始眼球機器人. 關於在"辐射:新维加斯"資料片"孤獨之路"裡的複製機種,參見ED-E (孤獨之路)
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Wow. That thing is definitely carrying around a bunch of Enclave intel. Adams is on the eastern seaboard of the country. Which means this little "Duraframe" sucker somehow managed to survive for over two thousand miles. Certainly lives up to its model name.

Arcade Gannon

眼球机器人(杜拉骨架)试验体E(Eyebot Duraframe Subject E)或简称ED-E,是名在一家普瑞姆的商店做了6年的警卫机器人。它的装甲和武器比一般眼球機器人要高级的多。 




ED-E的第一站是芝加哥的英克雷隐藏前哨站,在这里进行升级和维修。After leaving the Chicago outpost and continuing it's journey, ED-E was found by Tommy who later convinced his dad to take him in. It was here that ED-E recorded Tommy finding him and moments with Tommy's family. After being under Tommy and his father's care它接着穿过了莫哈维废土,在那裏它被放了两次冷枪,在严重受损但还能保持状态的时候奔向了普瑞姆,被莫哈維快遞的信使捡到拿給约翰逊·纳什。老纳什修理技能不够,就一直把ED-E摆在桌子上,直到邮差经过,修好之后把它变成了同伴。



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When first found in the Nash residence at Primm, ED-E is broken and lying on a counter. 把它修好需要下列条件之一: 

Lonesome Road编辑

  • With the Lonesome Road add-on installed, ED-E can be used to create items as if it were a workbench or reloading bench, through dialogue. This option will already be available even before Lonesome Road has begun.
  • ED-E can be further upgraded by finding five circuit boards in the Divide:
    • Rank 1 - Weapon maintenance function: Access to a daily dialogue option allowing ED-E to instantly restore the condition of the Courier's currently equipped weapon by 25%. (This can be increased to 35% with skill check, after obtaining rank 2).
    • Rank 2 - Energy/microfusion cell production: Access to a daily dialogue option allowing ED-E to produce a number of energy and microfusion cells. Also, through dialogue and skill checks, ED-E can produce more cells per prompt, or be made to produce flamer fuel or satchel charges (which share the same once-per-day cooldown as the energy and microfusion cells).
    • Rank 3 - Increased DT: +2 DT for both the Courier and ED-E.
    • Rank 4 - Beam damage bonus: +5 to beam weapon damage; affects the same list of weapons affected by the Laser Commander perk.
    • Rank 5 - V.A.T.S. accuracy bonus: Chance to hit targets in V.A.T.S. increased by 5%.


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服飾 武器 其他道具 死後身上
- Zapper - Small energy cells


  • 第一次碰到ED-E的时候,ED-E在右边有一个特别的标签"我的孩子是一个罗斯福学院的优等生"这是位於Fallout 3的地點。在特别标签的另外一边,是一个"伟大中西部"伊利诺斯州2062年的照牌,读作"2ED-E59"。数字比字母遭受了更严重的磨损和退色,所以乍看上去像是读作"ED-E"。这些细节在孤独之路里得到了解释,where the duplicate version mentions that the original had to stop in Chicago for repairs and visited a family along the way.
  • 无论是兄弟会还是天启追随者升级了ED-E,它都会发生变化,如果是天启追随者升级,装甲不会变,但是弹道会变成外星枪一样的蓝色。Also, when in combat its laser will sound the same as a Tesla cannon and outside of combat it will make a buzzing-like sound as well. 兄弟会升级之后ED-E的盔甲会更亮,但无论是哪种升级,都会移除他身上的贴纸和车牌。 
  • 它的寻路系统和人类NPC一样——他不会越过障碍并且它可以触发拌网和压盘陷阱 (还能被扫堂腿扫下来) 。
  • ED-E will sometimes make a sort of distressed beeping sound when a gun is aimed at it. Other times it will just turn and face the Courier's direction.
  • ED-E does not have much HP to start with. When it is upgraded, however, it will have more than most other companions.
  • ED-E不会中毒
  • 即使ED-E作为一个机器人還是可以被治疗针治疗。
  • If ED-E is ever frenzied, it will become hostile if dismissed as a companion and returned to Primm. The only exception is if it is sent to be upgraded. After a few days, ED-E should be willing to go with the player again, found roaming around Primm instead of inside the Mojave Express.
  • After having completed the game and the "ED-E My Love" quest, ED-E will give an account of what happened after the events of the game; however, its account will be spoken using its signature beeps, so general subtitles must be enabled in order to understand them; luckily they can be applied by pausing during that screen.
  • ED-E might strafe side-to-side if multiple enemies are in sight. Although it seems tactical, it won't help if the enemies have firearms.
  • 許多NPC会评价它:
    • 军团的成员会说他們不喜欢它。
    • 大炮族想从你身边拿走它去研究。
    • 惡魔幫會咕噥 "一个飘着的机器人....我一定是嗑過頭了..." 相信ED-E是一種藥物產生的幻覺。
    • James and Francine Garret, owners of the Atomic Wrangler casino, will find it strange.
    • Powder Gangers may comment that they envy the Courier for having a "flying" robot on their side.
  • The four versions of ED-E (not working, working but not upgraded, upgraded by the Brotherhood of Steel, and upgraded by the Followers of the Apocalypse) all have different console IDs.
  • ED-E是结局幻灯片里唯一一个机器人。
  • The Courier seems not to understand ED-E's beeping. However, during Lonesome Road (add-on) they understand ED-E quite well. Regardless, it does not change the way the Courier interprets ED-E's beeping, unless one of the Lonesome Road linked upgrades or audio logs is selected, resulting in <happy beeping> or <makes beeping sounds>.

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ED-E出现在辐射:新维加斯,以及All Roads的封面上。A clone of ED-E also appears in the add-on Lonesome Road, as a companion.

Behind the scenes编辑

ED-E's character arc was designed by Akil Hooper.[3]


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ED-E theme

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