Duraframe is the model name for combat model Eyebots created by the Enclave.[1]


The designation of combat model Eyebots were researched as part of a project at Adams Air Force Base.[clarification needed][1] Discontent with the speed of the project's development, Colonel Autumn ordered the project to be hastened by Dr. Grant.[2] After a confrontation between Dr. Whitley and Dr. Grant, the project's assets were transferred to the development of Hellfire armor.[3]

In protest, Whitley sent Enclave Duraframe Subject E (ED-E), a functional prototype on a journey to the Navarro outpost.[1] Along with an audio log intended for Navarro scientists, Whitley included several databanks on the machine, representing the sum of the results of his research on the Duraframe Eyebots along with research into Poseidon Energy and the company's projects in the Mojave area.[clarification needed][4][5]

The Duraframe model is resilient, as when ED-E is struck by a .308 round, the Courier notes that would have destroyed most robots of the same size.[6] Arcade Gannon mentions that the robot lives up to its model name, having successfully traveled over 2,000 miles.[7] Should ED-E be repaired and activated, the information has the potential to allow the Mojave Brotherhood of Steel to create their own army of Duraframe Eyebots.[8]

Behind the scenes

Joshua Sawyer stated that Duraframe is a model type, not a specific material.[Non-canon 1][Non-canon 2]


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  1. Joshua Sawyer on Tumblr: "Duraframe is the model type, not a specific material. [...] The Duraframe models were intended to see combat, unlike regular Eyebots, which served more as broadcasting/sentinel units. Whether that meant the Duraframes were made out of a different material or simply constructed differently (e.g., with armor plating) ambiguous."
  2. PlayStation Blog Meet the Companions: "Description: Unlike standard eyebots, ED-E is a highly customized “duraframe” model with hardened armor and specialized weapons."