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Dogs in Fallout Tactics are creatures living in the Midwest in the year of 2197.


Through the 200 years since the Great War, dogs have stayed generally unaltered by radiation. Dogs are favored pets for traveling merchants, as they provide both companionship and protection. They are used by many factions, like the Brotherhood of Steel, raiders, and even super mutants, as loyal guardians and an attacking force. There are groups of wild dogs in Macomb and they can be encountered during the travels in the wasteland.



Dogs are quadrupedal canines that can run at high speeds over long distances, allowing them to chase down prey. While running, they use their long tails to keep their balance. They are carnivorous, with sharp teeth designed to rip into the flesh of an animal.

Game attributes

Dogs are usually encountered in packs. To low level characters, this could mean trouble since they can easily overwhelm the player character and surround them. To higher level characters, they are little more than a nuisance. They can be difficult to put down as a result of their erratic and quick running patterns.

Post-War dogs are similar to pre-War dogs, only thinner. Dogs have higher Perception and Agility than humans, but can only carry one item, which they cannot use. Dogs obtain perks every 2 levels.



FOT Dog render.png

Average wasteland canine. They can be encountered throughout the wasteland.

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Dogs appear in Fallout Tactics.