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Diamond City Radio is a radio station in the Commonwealth in 2287, broadcast from Diamond City. The radio station plays a total of 37 songs, excluding Magnolia's songs.


The station plays a wide range of music including pre-War and post-War tracks, with some of the post-War tracks written and performed by Magnolia. The station includes songs from Fallout 3's Galaxy News Radio. It is also the first radio station in the Fallout series to play mainstream 1950's rockabilly music, not just proto and western rockabilly songs which the previous games radio stations were known for. It features the DJ Travis who makes situation-appropriate remarks. If Travis is killed he is replaced by Sheng Kawolski as radio host.


Magnolia's songs编辑

Visiting Magnolia in Goodneighbor will add her songs to the radio tracklist.


Several sponsors help to keep Diamond City Radio on air, these are mentioned by Travis periodically. Sponsors include:


  • Some time after the Sole Survivor has completed the quest Sanctuary for the Commonwealth Minutemen, Travis can be heard mentioning that "Sanctuary Hills has been founded." This is only one example of Travis mentioning the player's achievements.
  • Travis will regularly comment on numerous quests that the Sole Survivor finishes.
  • After finishing the main quest for any side, Travis will report on it.
  • Despite being 197 miles away, Diamond City Radio still comes in clearly on the Island due to the efforts of a local in repairing a radio tower there.


Diamond City Radio appears only in Fallout 4.


  • For unknown reasons the radio station will bug and stay silent (other stations will work just fine) even if you are in range of the transmission. To solve this, sleep or wait for a period of 24 hours and it'll go back to normal.[已核实]
  • Icon pcThe radio station will bug and play two songs simultaneously.[已核实]
  • The radio station sometimes may interrupt a song and start another one.[已核实]
  • After completing Confidence Man, Travis may only read the sponsor note from Commonwealth Weaponry. News and music are unaffected.[已核实]
  • After completing "The Big Dig" And robbing Hancock, and before completing "Confidence man" Travis will read a line regarding Hancock's reputation in his confident voice, instead of his awkward voice, reading "While I do not personally know Mr.Hancock his reputation suggests he is not the kind of person..Err, ghoul... You'd want to cross. " Instead of "If you, y'know are at all familiar with Hancock or have heard the stories I have heard, you might have been surprised at this, uhh, turn of events." [已核实]


Diamond City Radio Songs - From Fallout 4 Game Files

Fallout 4 - Diamond City Radio - Full FO4 Playlist Soundtrack

Fallout 4 - Diamond City Radio - Full FO4 Playlist Soundtrack

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