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Craterside Supply

Craterside Supply is a store located in Megaton in Fallout 3 run by Moira Brown. The store opens at 8:00am and the door has a very hard lock on it. Townsfolk direct you to it to weapons and supplies. An Armored Vault Suit from Vault 101 hangs on one of its walls. Additionally, a workbench for use in creating items is available to you. Speaking with Moira will give you the option of starting the The Wasteland Survival Guide quest.

Craterside Supply is guarded by a single mercenary who upon interaction normally tells you he is watching you, but at times may say "Leave me out of that girl's crazy experiments. I don't get paid enough for that," probably referring to the help you are giving Moira.


First Floor编辑

To one side, the counter is just beyond the entrance, with a table behind it. Moira's Terminal is locked Very Easy and not far from the counter. To another side, the mercenery that Moira hired leans against the wall next to the opening and the Workbench. The end of the store is lockers, file cabinets, counters and shelves with various items on or around it.

The opening next to the workbench leads to the stairway with a bed next to it owned by Mercenery.

Second Floor编辑

Upstair, the small living room contains only a sofa. The opening in the living room leads to Moira's Bedroom, where Moira sleeps.

Related Quests编辑

Sells 编辑

Category Items
Armor and clothing
Drugs and edibles
  • variety of junk items


  • Moira's Terminal has a few humorous bits of info on it. The three options are to check the store inventory, Survival Guide Progress, and Track Current Experiments. The Current Experiments can be found on this page.
  • You can pickpocket all the shop's cash from Moira. It is extremely difficult, but possible if your sneak skill is very high, and Moira is upstairs, instead of standing near the Mercenary.
  • The mercenary can be killed by placing a Bottlecap Mine at his feet and then backing away quickly. This will allow for easier sneak attempts.
  • If you noclip through the wall inside, you will see two lockers. If you open the lockers you will be able to steal themes or objects for your house in Megaton. After stealing nobody will turn hostile, you just lose a bit karma.

Appearances 编辑

The "Craterside Supply" appears only in Fallout 3.


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