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Chris Taylor, also known as ChrisT (because there were about a dozen different Chrises on Fallout), was the official lead designer of Fallout. With Tim Cain, he created the famous SPECIAL character system and much of the Fallout world. After Fallout, he stayed at Interplay for a while, serving as producer on Fallout Tactics as well as designer on Star Trek; Starfleet Command, until he left to join Vivendi Universal Games.

In 2008, he rejoined Interplay to work with Jason Anderson on a MMORPG codenamed Project V13, widely speculated to be Fallout Online, as the Lead Systems Designer.

Together with Scott Everts and Tom Decker, he also founded Zero Radius Games, a board game company.

Note that he is often confused with Chris Taylor from Gas Powered Games, the creator of Dungeon Siege and Supreme Commander, and formerly of Cavedog Studios, the creator of Total Annihilation.


Fallout (1997)

  • Lead Designer

Fallout 2 (1998)

  • SPECIAL Game System Design

Fallout Tactics (2001)

  • Producer and manual

Fallout Warfare (2001)

  • Writer

Project V13

  • Lead Systems Designer

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