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Abraham Washington`s the name… curator of this little slice of American History.Abraham Washington


The Capitol Preservation Society is a museum of sorts, located inside Rivet City. The Society is home to some of the rarest documents in U.S. history, including the Constitution of the U.S.A, the Emancipation Proclamation, and the Gettysburg Address. It is currently run by Abraham Washington, who took over the museum after his parents.[1]


The museum consists of a single floor containing an assortment of pre-War memorabilia. An exit off of the main floor leads to Abraham Washington's room. The entrance to the museum leads to a walkway above the room, which has two staircases leading to the main floor. A collection of historical documents is displayed on the southern wall in glass cases. The contents of these displays are:

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Behind the scenes

  • The airplane attached to the ceiling of the Preservation Society is an exact representation of the P-51 Mustang WWII fighter. Compare the game's representation with this thumbnail:

  • Another intact P-51 Mustang can be found in the Museum of Technology
  • The posters that are on the walls here are also some of the loading screens.


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