The special main character is a ghoul by the name of Cain. Cain was a mercenary in Set's army in Necropolis. He's tall for a ghoul, but still bony - skeletal and stooped. When Necropolis was razed by the super mutants, Cain took it personally. In an attempt to get back at the mutants, Cain went to the Texas Brotherhood of Steel, looking to sign up. The Brotherhood is pretty isolationist and anti-mutant, so they may not have taken his request seriously, but Cain`s perseverance was fueled by a grim determination. Finally he was given an initiation test, sending Cain on what may very well be a suicide mission to prove himself and, against all odds, become one of the first ghouls to join the Brotherhood.


  • He can use very big guns
  • He can also use dual pistols


  • Isn't able to run while firing weapons instead he slows to a walk
  • Doesn't maneuver well with heavy weapons
Major characters of Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel
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