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You're new around here. I'm Margaret Primrose. I run the Cafe Beau Monde. Stop by sometime.— Margaret Primrose

Cafe Beau Monde is the restaurant in Tenpenny Tower. 瑪格麗特·櫻草的店,銷售食品、飲料,和治療針。It also sells Nuka-Cola, as well as a few Stimpaks. She usually has between 200-300 caps on her at a time.

At the morning time (7-8 a.m.), Tenpenny tower's merchants (Lydia Montenegro, Anthony Ling and Doctor Banfield will eat here, but will not sell items or offer services until they get into their shops.

There are a few types of foods at the back of the shop that must be stolen, but it pales in comparison to that found in Boutique Le Chic.


Sometimes, when engaging Margaret Primrose in conversation, she will start by saying, "Sit anywhere you want, except for that table in the corner. That's Mr.Tenpenny's table." This further suggests that Allister Tenpenny is an important person in this tower, considering he owns it.

In an NPC to NPC conversation Herbert "Daring" Dashwood will compliment Margaret Primrose's cooking. She will then say that the shop is running low on food supply, but that just makes her more creative.

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