The Brass Lantern is a local restaurant in Megaton run by the Stahl family.


Jenny Stahl can be seen serving local settlers outside. Leo Stahl works inside the restaurant. Andy Stahl is the owner.

They are siblings. Leo is the oldest (as mentioned by Jenny if you ask her about your father). After the death of their parents Leo Stahl took charge of raising his younger siblings.


The restaurant is divided into an outdoor eating area, an indoor eating area, a storage and preparation room, an owner's office, and living quarters for the Stahl family.

Eating area

There is a refrigerator in the outside eating area with an average lock. In the indoor eating area, there is a cash register with a hard lock. Past the cash register, there is another refrigerator, identified as the Brass Lantern Cooler, in the storage and preparation room that can only be opened with a key.

Owner's Office

In the owner's office, there is a floor safe with a very hard lock and the Brass Lantern Terminal with a very easy lock.

Living Quarters

Living quarters for the family are separated from the rest of the establishment by a shack door. While Jenny sleeps on the downstairs bed, the brothers sleep upstairs in two separate beds.

There are a small number of metal boxes and lockers for the storage of various items.

Noteable Loot

  • If you don't mind taking a karma hit (you will lose 10 karma), there's a very easy terminal in the back belonging to Andy Stahl that has notes on it about missing inventory as well as the option to open a floor safe. That floor safe is next to the terminal and has 300 caps in it. You can donate some of the money to a church to balance the karma hit (you will gain one karma for each cap you donate!).


  • The Chinese neon sign reads "明家快", (Mingjia Kuai[can]); the fourth character (can) is missing. Mingjia is a sinification of "Megaton" that literally means "house of brilliance", and the sign means "Megaton Fast Food".