Bobblehead - Repair

Bobblehead - Repair is a Fallout 3 item, a Vault Boy Bobblehead. It permanently improves your character's Repair skill by 10, to a maximum of 100. The Repair skill allows the PC to repair his or her weapons and armor by combining two of the same item type.


Found in Evan King's House in Arefu. (The door is locked and requires 50 Lockpick skill to open it. There is no karma loss for opening the door.) As soon as you enter, look to your left. It is on the white table.


  • (X360) You may receive a Bobblehead - Speech while still getting the +10 for Repair. It isnt known if this can cause any trouble for getting the +10 boost for the speech skill by getting the speech bobblehead.
  • This bobblehead does not bobble as much as the others. This could be intended though; after all, it is the repair bobblehead and 'needs fixing.'


Obtaining Bobblehead Repair [1]