Bobblehead - Medicine

The Bobblehead - Medicine is the statuette of a Vault Boy Bobblehead holding a filled syringe. The statuette is located in the Physician's Office, in Vault 101, on a desk. The Pip-Boy 3000A categorizes the bobblehead as a miscellaneous item. A display for the bobblehead shows the Vault Boy holding a syringe upwards in the right hand and a doctor's bag, labeled with the medical cross, held by the left hand.

Game Mechanics

This is the first Bobblehead a player's character will see. There is no karma loss when the player picks this item up. By picking up the bobblehead, the character's Medicine skill improves by 10 points. If you own a home either in Megaton or Tenpenny Tower, a player's character can place this bobblehead on the Bobblehead Collector's Stand. This procedure can be repeated each time you get a new bobblehead. The medicine bobblehead can be obtained before you take your G.O.A.T., during your escape from the vault or during your brief (optional) return to Vault 101. Keep in mind that this bobblehead in most cases can't be recovered after the quest Trouble on the Homefront. The door to Vault 101 will be permanently closed. However, if the player's character floods the Vault and then later returns to see it destroyed in the ensuing civil war, they can enter the Vault. Everyone in the Vault has either died or fled to the Capital Wasteland. Retracing the player character's steps through the Vault to the Physician's Office, they can recover the bobblehead this way.


Obtaining Bobblehead Medicine [1] Fallout_3_Bobblehead_-Medicine-