Bobblehead - Lockpick is a Fallout 3 item, a Vault Boy Bobblehead. It permanently improves your character's Lockpick skill by 10, to a maximum of 100.


This is the only bobblehead with a head that never bobbles while you are in your house since the former owner of the bobblehead presumably took out the spring to pick a lock. (PC user has a Lockpick Bobblehead that bobbles normally- this may be something that was patched, console-only, or misinformation. XBox 360 user found the Lockpick Bobblehead does indeed bobble.) It does bobble on the desk before you pick it up (watch the Youtube video).


Found in Bethesda Ruins, Bethesda Offices East, on a desk with an active lamp.
Obtaining Bobblehead Lockpick [1]