Bobblehead - Intelligence is a Fallout 3 item, a Vault Boy Bobblehead. It permanently improves your character's Intelligence by 1, to a maximum of 10.


It can be found in the Rivet City science lab on the far right of the three tables (the one next to the two lockers) next to the machinery in the lab. (Dr. Li walks near it usually)

There is a mock bobblehead in the add-on Point Lookout in the Sacred Bog during the quest Walking with Spirits. It is larger than a regular bobblehead, about the size of a child, and the inscription reads "Tsk Tsk, walked right into another trap. How stupid are you?" Picking it up has no stat effects.

Obtaining at early level

Getting the Intelligence bobblehead can be hazardous for an early level character due to large number of Super Mutants, Raiders, Centaurs, and Mirelurks in the area. Here are some known ways to get to this bobblehead with minimal risk:

  • Swim from the Anchorage Memorial all the way around to Rivet City. Take Rad-X and Rad-Away as needed. Alternatively, you can accumulate radiation and complete Moira Brown's Radiation Sickness portion of the Wasteland Survival Guide - just pop back up to Megaton once you get the Rivet City map marker and get free Radiation healing from Moira as part of the reward.
  • At the Anchorage Memorial, use a Stealth Boy (see Stealth Boy article for locations) and run to Rivet City following the shore. This should get you 3/4 of the way there with your weapon holstered. Then sneak/run the rest hugging the shore to avoid the Super Mutant camp just West of the city. Activate the Stealth Boy as late as possible to maximize effectiveness.
  • Alternativly you can just run from Vault 101 to the northwest corner of the DC ruins and then down the pathway past Dukov's house. Keep running till you hit Rivet City.


  • It's possible to start the game with 9 intelligence and run to Rivet City and aquire the bobblehead before reaching level 3 to get 10 intelligence and the max possible skill points from intelligence without wasting the bobblehead bonus.
  • Alternatively on the PC, to save yourself the hassle of running there, you can use the console command player.moveto 19fc5. just after exiting Vault 101. This will "teleport" you to wherever Doctor Li is at, which is the science lab during day time. player.moveto 1fb3a will place you back outside Megaton.


Obtaining Bobblehead Intelligence [1]


It is possible that if you travel to Rivet City after doing the Tranquility lane quest the bobblehead may not appear, if you have been into the lab previously but not wanted to pick up the bobblehead until you take the almost perfect perk this may trigger this. (Confirmed Xbox 360)