Blake was a ghoul who was the high priest of the ghoul cult known as the Church of the Lost which worships and protects the Secret Vault under the ghoul city of Los.


Blake was not "ghoulified" by the Great War, but was born after the explosion in the Secret Vault. He was originally a security officer for the Vault, but he started a battle with the Vault scientists when he deemed their research was “evil”. This resulted in a large explosion which trapped the scientists in the Vaults garden and Blake and his officers (along with engineer Giese) being trapped on the surface where they mutated into ghouls with Blake emerging as their leader.

Blake is unusually large for a ghoul, reaching a super mutant’s height if not their bulk. He wears a hood and some bandages, making him appear like an undead demon. He is completely insane and all he could say is religious words that usually even make no sense. His weapon of choice is a big, spiked, sword-like staff.

Confrontation with the Initiate编辑

When the Initiate enters Los, he can be heard frequently on the city’s PA system giving sermons to his fellow ghoul fanatics. Before the Initiate, the Brotherhood of Steel paladin, Rhombus, along with his men, entered Los and stole the vaults main laboratory keycard from the cult. He and his men fought the cult, but lost to them, so he was captured and taken to Los` torture chamber near the docks and was tortured by Blake for the location of the stolen keycard. Blake even goes as far as to suggest to Rhombus that there are two organizations are not so different when they are both guarding against the more undesirable elements of technology. When the Brotherhood Initiate meets with the captive paladin, Blake enters and the initiate is forced to kill Blake in order to free Rhombus.


  • You do not comprehend that we are the same? The Brotherhood of Steel and The Church of the Lost, guarding against the terrors of science.
  • I am the way and the door, paradise is found through me!
  • I am Blake: a horror and an astonishment. Shuddering the heavens to look upon me. Behold!

Appearances in games编辑

Blake appears only in Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel.

Major characters of Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel
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