Before the Prydwen showed up, Danse had me identify a fallback point if we ever lost the police station. It was Listening Post Bravo, an old pre-war U.S. Military outpost on the northern frontier of the Commonwealth. It's isolated, and we're the only ones that knew about it, so there's a good chance that's where he's headed. Just be careful. There's no telling what state of mind he's in right now, or if he trusts any of us at all.Scribe Haylen on Paladin Danse during Blind Betrayal

The Listening Post Bravo is a location in the Commonwealth in 2287.


Originally a radio listening bunker for the U.S. Military, it was designed to monitor any threats coming in over the radio. At some point before the bombs fell, 杰恩·皮伊·伦克斯中士受亚特利奇上尉之命在这里进行一个月的监控联邦可疑的无线电波的工作。信息指出杰恩发现了一段不断重复的奇怪信号,以及敲电梯门的声音,但其實电梯一直处于锁定状态。It is unknown what happened to the soldier, or if he is the one who is knocked over in the chair.



监听站入口处对面有一个带围栏的停机坪。此入口由两座战前雷射炮塔和一个 protectron 守卫。进入地堡有一扇进阶锁安全门,内有工具箱和 5mm ammo 。在旁边的桌子后有一具从办公椅上跌落的军人骨架,以及一个无法运作的电梯和一台大师级终端机。成功破解该终端机(大师难度)可以使电梯重新运作,玩家可通过电梯进入地堡。


监听站内部有两台被摧毁的 Protectrons 和一台离线状态的炮塔。 房间东南角有一个动力装甲工作台和一个武器工作台。炮塔可以通过电梯旁的终端机进行破解并重新开启。玩家进入地堡后,一只 yao guai 很可能会从临近的洞穴中出现,并通过损毁的墙体冲进房间。穿过墙上的洞可以来到一处水池边,池中有至少5具尸骨和一个手提箱,但该手提箱不能开启。深入洞穴后可以通过一处缺口进入另一间监听用房间,可以找到一个行李箱。

如果任务 Blind Betrayal 激活或者已完成,该地点会出现一件额外的可调查房间。


  • Three Grape Mentats - one on a console on the western wall of the first subterranean room, and two more on the console against the northern wall of the second room (accessed through the cave).
  • 聖騎士丹斯最後入場 - 只有在盲目的背叛期間當丹斯自殺才能獲得。[已核实]
  • Creation Club Hellfire power armor - located at to the southeast of the bunker, at the Forged camp.



  • This location will become Paladin Danse's new home if he is still alive after the conclusion of Blind Betrayal. He will quickly begin building additional appliances, such as a bed and power armor station, within the bunker.
  • Although there is a yao guai living in the underground cave with some bones and meat around, there isn't any form of entrance to the cave except via the locked lift, which raises the question of how it got there and how it survives.


Listening Post Bravo appears only in Fallout 4.


裡頭終端的內容致敬了瑞典重金屬樂團Katatonia。其中一個條目提到a call sign, "D-E-K",來自他們的專輯Dead End Kings。同時裡面也引用了該專輯的歌曲Dead Letters的歌詞:

Internal void
My dreams are getting darker and darker
And darker

This life before me
Its blood runs so still...