The Amenities Office is located in the Vault City Downtown.


Just east of the Maintenance Center, the Amenities Office is a small, two room building. Randal, the Chief Amenities Officer, can be found in the first room. A servant (slave) is working in the back room. None of the shelves in the storage room can be looted. The desk in the front room is locked and if you try to loot either bookcase, Randal will tell you to "Stay away from there." If you continue to try and open either bookcase, Vault City will become hostile towards you.

Randal will barter with Vault City citizens only, although The Chosen One can bluff him with false citizenship papers that can be bought from Skeev if the player has yet to achieve the citizenship.

If you're attempting to repair Gecko's power plant, Randal will give you a hydroelectric magnetosphere regulator after you have spoken to McClure, as he will direct you to the Amenities Office to retrieve the part.


Amenities Office appears in Fallout 2.

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