Albert Cole

Albert Cole is a premade character in Fallout. He is designed to talk The Master out of his plans.

Albert's Biography编辑

Albert is a charismatic leader of a small, vocal minority of the Vault population that is considering life on the outside world. Dedicated to the role of a negotiator, he is often able to communicate efficiently between different parties. His professed occupation is closest to what was once known as a "lawyer." Albert is often able to convince others that his ideas are correct.


Of the three premade characters, Albert is the most likely candidate for the canonical Vault Dweller, judging by the Vault Dweller's memoirs.

It is also interesting to note that the default name for the Lone Wanderer in the Fallout 3 previews is "Albert".

The name of Albert may be a reference to the post-apocalyptic film "A Boy and his Dog". The titular dog, Blood, a psionically-gifted canine, often calls the titular boy "Albert" despite the fact that it is not his real name.

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