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Abandoned house

Throughout the Capital Wasteland the player will come across Abandoned house or shacks from the pre-war area occasionally. Usually found in desolate areas, they are not a part of post-war towns in the wasteland. Houses that have survived the initial war and loots from passing Raiders have, in some cases, a fair amount of loot.



Usually located in a suburban area, outside are often various pre-war things like: Lawnmowers, Grills, cars, etc.


The usual layout is a kitchen, bathroom and living room on the first floor. On the second floor is a children's room with various toys. There is also a master bedroom with an adjoining bathroom.

Arlington House编辑

Arlington House is a pre-war house although it's unique in that it has a basement with a Lincoln shrine.


Usually, typical items can be found inside such as everyday items like Toy Cars, Salisbury Steaks and various destroyed books etc. Although in some cases, safes can be found, usually with easy to hard lock levels, inside the player will find such loot as guns, food, ammo, usually the more valuable items as expected. Pre-War Books can also be found in vast majorities throughout these homes, the houses abandoned in Minefield have many Pre-war books found on the shelves and tables in the homes.

Dangers 编辑

Near many abandoned houses throughout the wasteland there will be animals nearby, more frequently Brahmin which if wild will attack on sight. Radscorpions are also frequent around some of the bigger abandoned settlements. Raiders have also been seen passing through areas of abandoned homes. Enclave Eyebots are almost impossible not to see around abandoned settlements such as Springvale and Minefield.


Gillian House inside

A typical layout of an abandoned home.

Gibson House inside

A Radiation King, inside an abandoned house

Benson House
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