A Quick Fix is a drug and medicine shop run by Cindy Cantelli in Rivet City .

Their inventory consists of various chems, most notably Ant Queen Pheromones, which can be bought and given to Angela Staley just a few steps towards Gary's Galley to do the quest A Nice Day for a Right Wedding. You can obtain the key to their inventory by killing both Cindy and Paulie. The key will be on the corpse of the person you killed last.

Cindy/Paulie will sell these items on a regular basis:


Notable loot

Towards the back of the right shelf, there is a pack of very rare Gum Drops. It is not sold by Cindy and must be stolen. It only has a value of .7, and restores +2HP, but is great for decorating your house/apartment. If you do wish to steal it, it is recommended that you bring it over to a hidden area and then steal it. Also, if you don't want that the title will be in red and marked as "Steal Gum Drops" when you drop it, sell it to Cindy and then re-buy it. Due to it having such a small value, you will probably spend only 1 bottlecap on this.

Related quests

  • Overdose (quest)
  • A Nice Day for a Right Wedding


  • The store's inventory chest has been misspelled as "A Quick Fix Invetonry".
  • It is possible to get a 10% discount from A Quick Fix by completing the optional objective when finding the history of Rivet City in The Wasteland Survival Guide.  
  • Cindy Cantelli's Husband is a Psycho addict, and he is banned from using the shop. Should Cindy be killed, Paulie will run the shop instead, and if you give Paulie psycho and he dies from drug overdose, no one will run the shop and you won't be able to buy from them.


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