Fallout 1 and 2 characters project
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AHS-9, the Great And Terrible, is the leader of the Hubology cult. While well dressed, he is obviously incurably insane or at least severely mentally handicapped, as a stupid Chosen One can hold a conversation with him much like the one with Torr. However, while his intellectual capacity may be misaligned, he obviously knows a great deal, even about Enclave bases hidden all over New California.

His cult is well known for inhuman practices on their own followers as well as kidnapping people from the nearby Shi-town to brainwash. Furthermore, they possess considerable wealth, both coming from pre-War Church members as well as post-War donations from those initiated into the ranks of the Church of Hubology.

AHS-9 is marked for termination by Ken Lee, should the Chosen One recover the Vertibird Plans.

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