There's supposed to be a vault somewhere out here... a place called Vault 95. I've heard that Vault-Tec used it for some kinda social experiment... stuck a bunch of junkies inside to poke and prod. Well, they supposedly had some special method to clean up those blokes in there... some kind of a machine or somethin'. If we could get inside, maybe that machine could help me.Cait during Benign Intervention



95號避難所能容納72個人,而這些人都是毒癮患者,避難所讓他們有機會在核戰後慢慢恢 復並受到庇護。治療的最主要手段是孤立:不給他們任何藥,使他們消除任何毒癮復發的機會。他們每天還會跟監督有一次面談以幫助復原,這裡的監督形容這個職位「跟權力沒半點關係,比較像是支援和僕役」。如果有出軌舉動,會以正向輔助和鼓勵來處理。大家分享一切,都是同一個家庭。監督不能阻止任何一位居民追尋自己生涯的旅程。在大戰爆發、避難所封閉之後,居民們最終都客服毒癮了。大戰後五年,每個人身上都沒有毒癮,並在避難所內組成了一個很有效率的社會,繼續堅守避難所科技病人復原計畫(他們對這計畫如此稱呼),儘管這計畫已經成功了。




The entrance is heavily guarded by Gunners along with two assaultrons outside, and one assaultron and a Mister Gutsy inside. An elevator takes the one down to the vault itself. The vault proper has three separate sections: the south side with the cafeteria and detox chamber, the west side with the reactor down below and the Overseer's office above, and the north side containing a heavily trapped tunnel that leads to the residential area.

Vault 95 was designed to house a maximum of 72 people as shown in a blueprint behind the Overseer's desk showing the layout of the entire vault.


  • 重型武器娃娃在生活區,電梯下來之後,在大廳右傳通過有鋁罐陷阱的區域,進去右手邊第二個房間走到底,在桌上。
  • Two bottlecap mines - One in the Detox factility, the other in the northernmost room of the Residential area with the bobblehead.
  • Stealth Boy in an Advanced locked room on the west side near the reactor.
  • One of the highest collections of aluminum, in the form of aluminum cans, TV dinner trays, and surgical trays, rounding out to around 115 pieces.



  • Jet was not created until after the Great War, making it impossible for it to be in Vault 95 for the residents to use. While some may argue that the Jet was brought in by the Gunners, a Vault-Tec Regional HQ terminal entry confirms the Jet was supplied by Vault-Tec, and its presence in Vault 95 remains inconsistent with Fallout canon.
  • While the enemies within the vault periodically respawn, the items do not.
  • If Cait is wearing power armor, she will automatically exit it when she enters the clean room.
  • The Master locked door leading to the facilities wing can be opened by the terminal upstairs in the overseer's office.
  • According to the Fallout 4 Vault Dweller's Survival Guide, there were still vault residents living in the vault at the time of the Gunners taking over.[1]


Vault 95 appears in Fallout 4 and was first seen as an unused inventory icon in Fallout 3, with Vault 95 jumpsuits existing in its art files.

Behind the scenes

In the overseer's terminal, a logged document regarding one of support meetings where the question of the frequency of the group meetings is brought up, in addition to other spontaneous, off topic questions asked by several dwellers can be found. In the dialog, a Resident by the name of Randall makes several comments about fellow vault dwellers and about the detox program. Randall and many of the details regarding the nature of the support meeting can be seen as a reference to the book and movie "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest." Where "Randall" in the Meeting notes can be seen as the character Randle McMurphy.


  • Has platform::PCPC The player character may become stuck while searching behind some broken generators and be forced to load a previous savegame. [已验证]
  • Has platform::PCPC The elevator leading down to the vault may glitch and fail to load the vault. This causes the character to be stuck inside the elevator, unable to exit or fast travel away. A quicksave before entering the elevator is recommended. Restarting the game will fix the bug. [验证逾期]
  • Has platform::Playstation 4Playstation 4 The player character may get permanently stuck if stunned by the Gunner wielding the shock baton while performing a V.A.T.S. strike.[验证逾期]
  • Has platform::Xbox OneXbox One A hole in the floor near the hidden chem closet reveals a zoomed up random image from somewhere in the vault, e.g. a door, an ammo box, etc.[已验证]
  • Has platform::Playstation 4Playstation 4 It is possible for the Big Guns Bobblehead to be missing.[验证逾期]



  1. Fallout 4 Vault Dweller's Survival Guide, page 358 - "Gunners have overwhelmed the vault dwellers here and are utilizing this location for purposes other than those originally intended."