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If the 80s had wanted to kill us, we would've been dead. Guess they figured we weren't worth the trouble.Stella

The 80s are a tribe of raiders that live in northern Nevada, near the shores of the Great Salt Lake. Their territories border with those of their longtime enemies, the White Legs.


The 80s are known for raiding frontier towns for supplies and kidnapping people. They are rightly feared for their ability to cover large areas of land with very few men.[2] They have recently spread out over a larger area, notably the I-88, due to the collapse of the Nevada Desert Rangers and NCR's inability to patrol the territory.[4]

J.E. Sawyer's Fallout Role-Playing Game (not confirmed as canon) The 80s are a gang of bandits that operate along the Northern California 80 Freeway, mostly in the region northeast of the lawless, uncontrolled city of Sacramento. They are easily recognized by the "80" signs they wear strapped across their chests. High-ranking members usually have the Interstate 80 red and blue signs. Lower-ranking members wear green Highway 80 signs and the ordinary grunts make do with what is left over. The 80s are known for their tireless pursuit of enemies and for their occasional use of motorcycles.[3]

If the Courier crushes the White Legs, but spares Salt-Upon-Wounds, the 80s eventually capture the Great Salt Lake from the weakened White Legs.[5] Likewise, if the Courier kills Salt-Upon-Wounds themselves, the 80s wipe out the remaining White Legs.[6] In either case, this expansion does not come without a price, as the remaining tribes of Zion unite against the 80s and drive them away from Highway 50.[7]

Stella mentions that in the past, a group of the raiders abducted and killed two working girls from Caliente. She says that if the 80s wanted her and her town members dead, they would have killed them, and guesses that the raiders didn't think they were worth the trouble.[2]


The 80s are mentioned in Fallout: New Vegas and its add-on Honest Hearts.


  1. The Courier: "I haven't been through Utah recently - what's the situation like?"
    Jed Masterson: "You got raiders all over the damn place, tribes of degenerates that'll eat you as soon as look at you, regional warlords... the works. Not too many decent places to stop and trade. New Canaan's one of the only ones left I know about."
    The Courier: "Tell me about the raiders."
    Jed Masterson: "They're about what you'd expect - crazy, jacked up on chems, violent as hell, and not too bright. The worst are the 80s, but we won't be passing through their turf on this run."
    (Jed Masterson's dialogue)
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    Stella: "What's the difference? Raiders is raiders. Bunch of them swept in to town and dragged off two working girls. Deputies and me gave pursuit, straight into 80s territory. By the time we caught up with the girls, there wasn't much left of them. So we turned for home. Made it back to Caliente without further losses, but we was watched the whole way. Never seen so few people cover so much land. Goddamn creepy. If the 80s had wanted to kill us, we would've been dead. Guess they figured we weren't worth the trouble."
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