Police Precinct 8 is a location in the Commonwealth in 2287.


The station contains three low security cells, an office and a reception area. The reception and jail block are in the same room, it's very open feeling and doesn't have much protection. There are two telephone booths at the jail cell/reception.

Every jail cell has a toilet and at least one bench. Every cell's bench setup is different, one cell has a large and a small bench, one of the cells has one large bench, one of the cells only has a small bench.

The main part of the reception consists of a bench and two office chairs, one for the visitor, one for the receptionist. There are two more chairs in the cell block/reception, this is the only waiting room.

There is an office to the left, the wooden door is shattered and on the floor. It's an office for two, there are two desks and two office chairs. Both desks have a file cabinet next to them but only one has a terminal.

The terminal has four entries, the third entry will update the map with the South Boston Police Department location.



  • 遲來的復仇 - 這裡可以找到其中一卷艾迪·溫特全像卡帶。


Police Precinct 8 appears only in Fallout 4.