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Never again do you or any other courier and caravan need walk that route. Let the Mojave breathe without that asphalt scar raking it.Ulysses






  • 炙熱的賽拉動力裝甲 - 羅伊上校身上。
  • 巨熊榴彈槍 - 羅伊上校附近的槍箱內。
  • 三套NCR遊騎兵戰鬥裝甲 - on dead NCR Troopers. One is in front of a destroyed truck directly in front of the entrance. A second is under the collapsed overpass section with a tent frame under it that is a little further down the road than the first set of armor. A third is in front of the second truck on the road.
  • 七套NCR回收動力裝甲 - three on the irradiated heavy troopers, and four on the bodies of dead NCR heavy troopers.


  • Unlike every other non-base map location introduced through add-ons, companions can travel to Dry Wells and the Long 15 due to Long 15 being inside the Mojave, rather than an entirely new area (i.e., Big MT, Zion National Park, etc.).
  • 儘管在資料片中,核彈發射後可以看到莫哈維前哨站出現蘑菇雲,但前哨站毫髮無傷。
  • 墜毀的飛鳥上有著來自內瓦羅英克雷標記,和殘存者地堡中看到的一樣,而不是如金博爾總統搭乘的飛鳥上的NCR標記。
  • 在這裡殺死NCR人員不會減損陣營聲望。
  • If the Explorer perk was chosen, and Lonesome Road is installed, the location will appear on the map, as well as Dry Wells.
  • It can be very challenging to kill the irradiated heavy troopers, as their health recovers very rapidly from the radiation.
  • 爆炸區中心的洞口每秒輻射5-6拉德/秒。
  • The monument for the Ranger Unification Treaty can be seen in the direction of the Mojave Outpost.
  • Many corpses dressed in NCR Ranger combat armor and NCR salvaged power armor are labeled as "NCR troopers" and hold service rifles and ammunition.
  • On the other side of the back end of the zone (behind and underneath the jutting wall of ruined buildings), there is a destroyed red rocket children's playset, a teddy bear, a toy car, a wooden block (which says it can be taken, but activating it does nothing), and two child sized skeletons. This area is not visible and cannot be reached without using console commands, and half of the area is inside the instant death zone as well.
  • At the firing range, an image of a person is burned into the bricks from the blast. According to recordings in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, this would happen with everyone who were in close proximity to the explosion rather than just a few; it is probably a developer oversight.




Has platform::Playstation 3Icon ps3.png Sometimes with Rex as a companion, when going around the slanted road, he will go outside the map and will be irretrievable. This can also happen to Veronica Santangelo as a companion on PC. This can be fixed by going into the dismissal terminal, either at the Gun Runners or the Lucky 38, and dismissing all companions, and then retrieving them again later. Fast travelling may also work.[已验证]