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A Sig-Sauer 14mm Auto Pistol. Large, singleshot handgun. Excellent craftsmanship.

The 14mm pistol is a small gun in Fallout and Fallout 2.


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14mm pistol



In Fallout, the Sig-Sauer is a powerful, large-caliber handgun equaling the double-barreled shotgun in damage per shot, but with a significantly greater range and magazine capacity. As such, it compares favorably to most other non-energy pistols in the game. It uses the submachine gun sprite, which makes it usable by SMG-oriented NPCs like Ian and Katja.

Fallout 2

In Fallout 2, the 14mm pistol is crippled by the absence of hollow point ammunition, as the only round available for the weapon, the 14mm AP (along with most other AP ammunition) was given the unfavorable Damage Modifier of 1/2. This halves the weapon's damage output, seriously affecting its usefulness in the later stages of the game.



  • Carried by one of the raiders at Irwin's Farm.
  • Carried by the thug Leon in the Hub Heights area.
  • Two in the Glow; one on a corpse near Dennis Allen's body, another inside a wall locker in the room opposite of Dennis.
  • Neal, the Skum Pitt owner and bartender, carries one.
  • Smitty in the Boneyard has one for sale, he also carries one but is unable to use it.
  • Lorraine in the same area also has one and can use it.
  • Sold by Jake in Old Town

Fallout 2

  • Sold by Percival Crump in Gecko and by Randal in Vault City.
  • Sold by Jo in Modoc.
  • One can be found in the Redding sheriff's department, in the office footlocker at the base of the bed.
  • Another one can be found in Redding, at Ascorti's Ace and City Hall in a wall locker next to a bookshelf in Ascorti's office.
  • Usually sold by Eldridge at New Reno Arms. He also carries one himself, for a character who prefers the more violent route.
  • Can be stolen from Jacob the Chemist from the Broken Hills downtown area.


  • The 14mm pistol, despite being called a pistol, uses submachine gun animations. This prevents certain characters like John Cassidy or Vic from using it, but allows others such as Katja and Sulik to do so.
  • According to the Fallout demo, the SIG-Sauer 14mm pistol's name was originally "S-S Semi Auto Pistol."[1] The name was changed and a short description added.


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