All standard positions have been intentionally left unfilled and will be assigned by the Overseer according to the Vault 108 protocols. According to the pre-assignment medical tests, Mr. Jones has a genetic disposition for a rare terminal strain of cancer which should ideally cause him to expire within 40 months of the project's inception. These two events should combine to allow a proper catalyst that allows this project to continue as planned.Vault 108 Pentagon file



108避難所於2061年3月興建、2069年12月停工。這間避難所設計上能讓475個人住上38年,以通用原子核電廠作為動力源、Steam Whistle微型地熱發電廠作為備用能源。武器庫裡塞了比平常多兩倍的武器,以作為避難所實驗的一部分。

避難所實驗的目的是要觀察避難所或類似的環境下,權力和暴力的衝突。監督Brody Jones先天就容易罹患一種罕見的癌症,在實驗開始後40個月內就可能死亡;避難所內除了監督以外沒有所謂的第二號人物;主能源供應在20年後就會故障(而避難所本身要封閉38年),備用能源不足以供給整個避難所;更重要的是,避難所有比平常多兩倍的武器,但沒有任何娛樂設施。


複製人們被留在避難所內直到死亡,除了Gary 23,他被防衛者Morrill綁走以幫Outcast挖掘Virtual Strategic Solution企業設施。但有可能有些Gary克隆體逃離了避難所,因為當玩家到那裡的時候,避難所的門是開啟的,並且在避難所內的一個實驗台上,有一具廢土遊民的屍體,而在DLC1中的流放者哨所里,有一具Gary 23的屍體,這些克隆體可能沒有他們的前輩那麼聰明。





  • 潛行小子:在通往生活區的門右邊的兩台電腦間
  • 量子核口可樂:在一個位於小房間里的一些箱子後面
  • Tumblers Today(開鎖技能書):很難看到也很難拿到,在入口區東南角的一個踏板下面


  • Pugilism Illustrated(肉搏技能書):在咖啡廳的櫃檯上


Vault 108 cloning lab.jpg
  • 搖頭娃娃-魅力 - 在地圖中間的一個觀察間的桌子上。
  • Lying, Congressional Style(口才技能書):跟大頭娃娃在一個房間內,只不過在另一張桌子上。
  • 一張講述避難所歷史的磁帶 ("Cloning log"):在一個保險箱內。


  • It is possible to encounter a number of radscorpions, deathclaws, sentry bots, an Enclave camp (after The Waters of Life quest), and super mutant overlords (Broken Steel required) outside the vault's entrance at higher levels when fast traveling.
  • In the Outcast outpost where the Anchorage simulation is located, there is the dead body of Gary 23. Presumably he left Vault 108, was captured by Brotherhood of Steel Outcasts at some point and taken to the outpost. It appears the outcasts tried to convince him to enter the simulation as he had a Pip-Boy 3000, the correct interface device, but soon discovered that the only word he said was "Gary" and he was hostile to all non-clones. They grew impatient with him, and he was beaten to death with some brass knuckles which can be found close by. The Outcasts then sawed off his arm in a futile attempt to remove his computer. His body has been unceremoniously dumped in a corner.
  • A cut audio holotape would suggest that Gary 23's arm was sawed off by the Outcasts while he was still alive, without the beating.
  • This vault is likely the most deteriorated vault located in the Capital Wasteland. The inside has completely rusted away over the years, the vault jumpsuits are the dirtiest of all, and it appears as if the only major loot in the vault is the Vault-Tec bobblehead located in the cloning lab.
  • Because of this deterioration, Vault 108 is the only vault in the Capital Wasteland without a single working terminal.
  • Just like Vault 87, Vault 108 does not contain a working vault door control pad. The vault door is opened directly at the main door by selecting the option to open it.
  • The overseer's office is inaccessible, and also has a different window than other vaults in the region, as it is rectangular, instead of round.
  • Also, the reactor area is completely inaccessible, due to a blockage of debris in the reactor entrance, located in the cafeteria.
  • Although Vault-Tec records state that Vault 108 had triple the normal armory stock, no trace of this armory can be found when the Lone Wanderer arrives in 2277.
  • In the living quarters dining area there are three radroaches: a normal sized one, one that is slightly smaller (the same size as the ones kept by Gallo) and one smaller still, making it the smallest found in the game.
  • If aimed at while in sneak mode the Gary clones will still make the usual "Be careful" comment, despite their vocabulary supposedly consisting of only the word 'Gary'. Also, when killing Gary clones, they can also be heard saying "No!"


Vault 108 appears only in Fallout 3.


Has platform::Playstation 3Playstation 3 When using a railway rifle, Gary's head may come off and float in mid air with the spike through his face. [已验证]


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