The Vault 101 PA System (PA - public announcement) is a radio station broadcasting inside Vault 101. The station broadcasts instrumental music, propaganda slogans, helpful advice, the level of radiation, and fun facts. Residents can hear the station on the Vault's loudspeakers and through their Pip-Boy 3000s.


The radio station becomes available to the player when they receive their Pip-Boy 3000.

During the Lone Wanderer's return to the Vault, the only things that can be heard on the station is static, probably due to the rebels destroying it or no one wanting to bother operating it.

Broadcast Messages编辑

Propaganda Slogans编辑

  • "Remember - Vault 101 is America."
  • "The Overseer's authority is absolute."
  • "Remember - In Vault 101, you are enjoying a brighter future underground."

Helpful Advice编辑

  • "Remember a clean vault is a healthy vault. Please place all trash in the appropriate incinerator receptacles on your scheduled burning day."
  • "Remember - only you can prevent fatal work-related injuries. Proper use and storage of high velocity tools is essential to survival."
  • "Remember - Vault Depressive Syndrome, or VDS, is a treatable condition. See your vault physician today for an anti-depressant that is right for you."
  • "Remember - your Pip-Boy is not a toy. Proper cleaning and maintenance will ensure its operation for this and future generations."
  • "Walk, don't run"

The Level of Radiation编辑

  • "Current radiation level - 0 Rads, as always."

Fun Facts编辑

  • "Did you know the odds of a Vault-Tec shelter failing are 1,763,497 to 1?"
  • "Did you know that Vault-Tec water and life support systems can sustain a Vault for over 900 years without failure?"
  • "Did you know the average life expectancy of a Vault resident in a properly maintained facility is 92.3 years?"
  • "Did you know that due to the threats of radiation and Mutant domination that the United States will not be habitable for at least 3 centuries?"
  • "Did you know that the Vault-Tec/RobCo partnership is considered the most successful venture in the history of American industry?


The Lone Wanderer hears the station for the first time on their Pip-Boy 3000 in 2268.

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